Chapter 53

  1. Disturbance
    event (storm, fire) changes community removes organisms and alters resource availability
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    Primary Producer
  3. Image Upload 4
    Primary Consumer
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    Secondary Consumers
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    Tertiary Consumers
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    Quaternary Consumers
  7. Predation
    +/- One Species kills another
  8. Ecological Succession
    species gradually replaced by other species, then replaced by new ones
  9. Cryptic Coloration
  10. Commensalism
    +/0 benefits one no harm or benefit to another
  11. Aposematic Coloration
    Chemical Defenses often with bright coloring
  12. Ecological Niche
    Sum total of biotic and abiotic resources of envirnment
  13. Mutalism
    +/+ benefits both species
  14. Batesian Mimicry
    harmless species mimics a harmful species
  15. Müllerian Mimicry
    2 harmful species look like eachother (bees)
  16. Primary Succession
    virtually lifeless area
  17. Secondary Succession
    starts to look like what it was before the disaster
  18. Competitive Exclusion
    Slight reproductive advantage will eventually lead to eliminatino of the less well adapted species
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