Foramina Contents

  1. What foramina are found in the anterior cranial fossa?
    • Foramen cecum
    • Cribiform foramina in cribiform plate
    • Anterior and posterior ethmoidal foramina
  2. Foramen cecum
    Nasal emissary vein in 1% of population
  3. Cribiform foramina in cribiform plate
    Axons of olfactory cells in olfactory epithelium that form olfactory nerves
  4. Anterior ethmoidal foramen
    • Anterior ethmoidal nerve
    • Anterior ethmoidal artery
  5. Posterior ethmoidal foramen
    • Posterior ethmoidal nerve
    • Posterior ethmoidal artert
  6. What foramina are found in the middle cranial fossa?
    • Optic canals
    • Superior orbital fissure
    • Foramen rotundum
    • Foramen ovale
    • Foramen spinosum
    • Foramen lacerum
    • Groove for greater petrosal nerve
  7. Optic Canal
    • Optic nerves (CN II)
    • Opthalmic arteries
  8. Superior orbital fissure
    • Opthalmic veins
    • Opthalmic nerve (CN V1)
    • Oculomoter nerve (CN III)
    • Trochlear nerve (CN IV)
    • Abducens nerve (CN VI)
    • Sympathetic fibers
  9. Foramen rotundum
    Maxillary nerve (CN V2)
  10. Foramen ovale
    • Mandibular nerve (CN V3)
    • Accessory meningeal artery
  11. Foramen spinosum
    • Middle meningeal artery
    • Middle meningeal vein
    • Meningeal branch of CN V3
  12. Foramen lacerum
    • Deep petrosal nerve
    • Some meningeal arterial branches and small veins

    **Internal Carotid artery and accompanying sympathetic and venous plexus actually pass horizontally across (rather than veritcally through) the area of the foramen lacerum in an area thats closed by cartilage during life
  13. Groove of greater petrosal nerve
    • Greater petrosal nerve
    • petrosal branch of middle meningeal artery
  14. What foramina are in the Posterior Cranial Fossa?
    • Foramen magnum
    • Jugular foramen
    • Hypoglossal canal
    • Condylar canal
    • Mastoid foramen
  15. Foramen magnum
    • Medulla and meninges
    • Vertebral arteries
    • Accessory nerve (CN XI)
    • Dural veins
    • Anterior spinal artery
    • Posterior spinal artery
  16. Jugular foramen
    • Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)
    • Vagus nerve (CN X)
    • Acessory nerve (CN XI)
    • Superior bulb of internal jugular vein
    • Inferior petrosal sinus
    • Sigmoid sinus
    • Meningeal branches of ascending pharyngeal and occipital arteries
  17. Hypoglossal canal
    Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)
  18. Condylar canal
    Emissiary vein that passes from sigmoid sinus to vertebral veins in neck
  19. Mastoid foramen
    Mastoid emissiary vein from sigmoid sinus and meningeal branch of occipital artery
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