Blaze Standards

  1. When establised in MOA
    FENCE -in
    • Fuel
    • Engine
    • Navaids/NACWS/TAS
    • Comm/Checks
    • Equipment (g- Suit connected and functioning and loos items stowed)
  2. FENCE- out
    includes obtaining ATIS and completing Descent checklist piror to leaving MOA
  3. Ops check

    • Hydraulic pressure
    • Electric - amps and volts
    • Fuel quanity and balance
    • Oxygen "on, normal, normal, good blinker"
    • Engine instruments
    • P cockpit pressurization system
  4. Cockpit check before exterior inspection

    The FCP will intiate a challange and response sequance by stating:
    “One pin in, one pin out, off, down, normal, normal, Evap Blower’s Off, OBOGS Off, Seat’s good.”
  5. define:
    One pin in” =
    “One pin out” =
    “Off” =
    “Down” =
    “Normal” =
    “Normal” =
    “Evap Blower’s Off” =
    “OBOGS off” =
    “Seat’s good” =
    • ejection seat pin in
    • CFS pin out
    • PCL in cutoff
    • gear handle down
    • starter norm
    • ignition norm
    • Evaps blower off
    • OBOGS in off position
    • ejection seat eyebold plungers seated, left and right top latches fully engaged with guide rail locking lugsk and emergency O2 is within limits.
  6. When straped in the FCP will state
    • “Legs, lap, seat kit, shoulders,
    • harness, hoses, helmet—all strapped in.”
  7. piror to flight control check each pilot will query?
    "Feet and knees clear?"
  8. Lamp check is done by pushing the lamp test switch and stating___.
    "My lamps check good"
  9. Fire detection system:
    FCP will puch the fire detection switch and challange by stating_____
    "Fire 1"
  10. Check trim disconnect and state:
    "Trim disconnect - NORM"
  11. Generator switch:

    FCP initiates with
    "Gen switch- OFF"
  12. Canopy:
    FCP will state
    "visor down , rail clear, pin box closed" RCP will restate. once canopy is confirmed closed state "Canopy is closed and latched, lights out"
  13. Before engine start confirm all checklist BOTH items are complete then clear fore, aft, left, right and state:
    “Prop clear, crew chief, fire bottle, no oxygen or refueling within 50 feet, ready to start?”
  14. Before taxi:
    OBOGS challange/response
    • “On, normal, normal, good blinker”.
    • “On, normal, normal, good blinker”.
  15. Before taxi:
    STBY ADI challange/response
    • “Standby is uncaged and adjusted”
    • “uncaged and adjusted”.
  16. Before taxi:
    Anti G-test challange/response
    • "My G-suit tests good"
    • "My G-suit tests good"
  17. Before taxi:
    Speed brake challange/response:
    • “Speed brake lights on
    • “lights on”
  18. Before taxi:

    Flaps challange/response after flaps are lowered to landing
    • “Flaps landing, speedbrake lights out”
    • “Flaps landing, light’s out”
    • “Flaps TO, lights out, speed brake won’t extend.”
    • “Flaps TO, lights out, speed brake won’t extend”
  19. Before taxi:
    Flight instruments challange/response
    "Flight instruments check good"
  20. Before taxi:
    Altimeters challange/response
    “XX.XX set twice showing X (altitude in main altimeter) over Y (altitude in stby altimeter)”.
  21. Before taxi:
    Ejection seat saftey pins/ISS challange/response
    "one pin in, ISS solo?"
  22. Before taxi

    CWS panel challange/response
    "panel's clear"
  23. Taxi:
    Taxi brake check challange/response
    • “My brakes check good, check yours.”
    • “My brakes check good.”
  24. Taxi:

    heading/turn & slip indicator check challange/response
    “Two needles left/right, balls right/left, and decreasing/increasing.”
  25. Before Takeoff

    EOR challange/response once ejection pin has been removed
    • “Pin removed and stowed, confirm ISS both”
    • “Pin removed and stowed, ISS both.”
  26. Lineup:

    Caution and warning panel challange/response
    • "Panel's clear"
    • "Panel's clear"
  27. Takeoff

    Min. Torque at 60 KIAS state
    "60 Knots, torque's good"
  28. In-flight checks:

    After takeoff check challange/reponse
    • "Climbing, good engine, gear clear?"
    • "Clear"
    • "Gear and flaps up at ___(state airspeed)"
  29. In-flight checks:

    Climb check
    • check cockpit altitude passing 10K' MSL, should read aprox 8K'
    • Check OBOGS : "On, normal, normal, good blinker" response same
  30. In-flight checks:

    Ops check challange/response
    • "On, normal, normal, good blinker"
    • "On, normal, normal, good blinker"
  31. In-flight checks:

    pre stalls,spins, and aero descent check
    • "Loose items stowed"
    • “XX.XX set twice, heading and attitude checks good.”
  32. In-flight check

    Before landing challange/response
    • “Below 150, gear clear?”
    • “Clear”
    • “Check handle down, three green, flaps [up/takeoff/landing].”
    • “Handle checks down, three green, flaps [up/takeoff/landing].”
  33. After landing/engine shutdown

    After landing
    • (“ISS SOLO?”... “ISS SOLO.”),
    • complete the after landing checklist then confirm “Seat is pinned, Stby is caged and locked.”
  34. After landing/engine shutdown
    Engine shutdown challange/response
    • Before PCL goes to off, both cockpits will confirm “Evap Blower, OBOGS off.”
    • Once checklist is complete, verbalize “Loose items stowed, rail clear”
  35. after landing/engine shutdown:

    Prior to leaving aircraft challange/response
    • “ISS SOLO” = RCP only
    • “Two pins in” = ejection seat and CFS pins in
    • “Off” = PCL in cutoff
    • “Down” = gear handle down
    • “Normal” = starter norm
    • “Normal” = ignition norm
    • “Evap Blower OFF” = Evap Blower off
    • “OBOGS OFF” = OBOGS switch off
    • “Seat’s good” = ejection seat raised to full-up position, straps and belts properly
    • stowed
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