vocab review

  1. elicit
    to draw forth, bring out from some source
  2. intercede
    To plead on behalf of someone else
  3. meritorious
    worthy, deserving recognition and praise
  4. petulant
    Peevish, annoyed by small things
  5. prerogative
    A special right or privilege
  6. umbrage
    an overshadowing influence or power
  7. innuendo
    a hint, indirect suggestion, or reference
  8. aplomb
    poise, assurance, great self confidence
  9. bombastic
    pompous or overblown in language
  10. epitome
    A summary, condensed account
  11. infringe
    to violate, trespass, go beyond recognized bounds
  12. interloper
    one who moves in where he or she is not wanted
  13. stringent
    strict, severe
  14. ameliorate
    to improve, make better
  15. abominate
    to have an intense dislike or hatred for
  16. expedite
    to make easy, cause to progress faster
  17. inadvertent
    resulting from or marked by lack of attention
  18. proclivity
    a natural or habitual inclination or tendency
  19. sangfroid
    composure or coolness
  20. tenuous
    thin, slender, lacking clairty, poorly supported
  21. vitriolic
    bitter, sarcastic, highly caustic or biting
  22. affable
    courteous and pleasant, easy to talk to
  23. erudite
    schorarly, learned, bookish
  24. infer
    to find out by reasoning
  25. repudiate
    To disown, reject, or deny the validity of
  26. resilient
    able to return to an originial shape or form
  27. scurrilous
    coarsely abusive, vulgar, low, foul-mouthed
  28. sedulous
    persistent, showing industry and determination
  29. caveat
    a warning or caution
  30. extricate
    to free from entanglements or difficulties
  31. filch
    to steal
  32. scathing
    bitterly severe, withering, causing great harm
  33. transient
    lasting only a short time, fleeting
  34. unwieldy
    not easily carried, handled, or managed
  35. soporific
    tending to cause sleep, relating to sleepiness
  36. anomalous
    abonormal, irregular, not usual
  37. brusque
    abrupt, blunt, with no formalities or manners
  38. heinous
    very wickd, offensive, hateful
  39. insurgent
    one who rebels or rises against authority
  40. surreptitious
    stealthy, secret
  41. vicarious
    experienced by one person in place of another
  42. ennui
  43. austere
    severe or stern in manner, plain
  44. concoct
    to prepare by combining ingredients, to devise
  45. inconsequential
    unimportant, trifling
  46. mitigate
    to make milder or softer
  47. prate
    to talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless manner
  48. stalwart
    strong and sturdy, brave, resolute
  49. disconcert
    to confuse, to disturb the composure of
  50. punctilious
    very careful and exact
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