BIS 101 Test 1

  1. what is Gel Electrophoresis?
    it is distinguishing variants at the protein or nucleic acid levelImage Upload 1
  2. what are the three factors that affect gel electrophoresis?
    • Molecular Weight: less weight, faster movement
    • Molecular Charge: More Charge, faster movement
    • Molecular Shape: Smaller shapes move faster
  3. What is Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)?
    • genetic variation between organisms, where 2 alleles lead to 3 different genotypes
    • Image Upload 2
  4. What is a Restriction Enzyme and what does it do?
    Restriction Enzymes break apart nucleic bonds at specific base pairs Image Upload 3
  5. What is blotting and what types of blotting is there?
    Blotting is the transfer of charged molecules from a membrane to a hybridized molecular probe through radioactivity.

    There is Southern Blotting (used for DNA), Northern Blotting (used for RNA), and Western Blotting (used for Proteins)

    Image Upload 4
  6. How does blotting work?
    You place the membran from electrophoresis into a hybridized solution, there complemetary sequences bind to the broken strand (for DNA we have to denature using restriction enzymes).

    We then place an X-ray film over the membrane and through radioactivity the parts that binded to the solution with show up on the film

    For Western blotting instread of hybridized solution we used anti-bodies to bind to proteins.
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