chapter one

  1. vygotsky's theory
    • parents should be intagrated and social with kids in school.
    • group work, parents
  2. urie brofenbrenner
    5 environmental levels that influence
  3. micro system (homes, friends, caregivers)
  4. meso system (child/parent relationship)
  5. exo system (parks, museums)
  6. macro system (religious, political)
  7. chrono (all other systems ex. both mom and dad work)
  8. konrad lorenz
    duck example
  9. imp. of biological determinants
  10. high scope
    research based and succesful
  11. centers w/focus
    • long block of time ( PLAN, DO, REVIEW)
    • key expenses ....creative, space, time
    • work time, cleap up and rcall
  12. The __________ dimension of professionalism includes personal character, emotional qualities, physical health, and mental health
    a. personal
  13. the______ dimension of professionalism includes advocacy, communicating with others and representation.
    d. public presentation
  14. profesionals are always THINKING about what they have done, are doing and will do when they are teaching. A good guideline for THINKING about teaching..
    c. reflective practice
  15. The sum total of the physical intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioral changes that occur in children from the moment of conception to adulthood
    c. child development
  16. The act of engaging strategies designed to improve the circumstances of children and families
    e. advocacy
  17. Beleifs about childrens development, learning and how best to teach them
    b. philosophy of education
  18. an educator who successfully teaches all children, promotes high personal standards, and continually expands his or her skills and knowledge
    a. early childhood professional
  19. responsible behavior toward students and parents that allows you to be considered a professional
    ethical conduct
  20. A philosophy of education is set of beliefs abouthow children develop and learn and what and how they should be taught. a philosophy of education should include all fo th follwing except:

    B. descriptions of inappropriate practice
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