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  1. Bleed
    Printing that extends beyond the trimmed edge of a piece. Must be at least 1/8" in most cases.
  2. CMYK
    Stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Also known as the process colors.
  3. PMS
    Stands for the Pantone Matching System, the industry standard spot color system.
  4. Flood Coverage
    Printing or coating the entire sheet.
  5. Spot Coverage
    Printing or coating only part of the sheet (ex: 1 specific graphic element)
  6. DPI
    Stands for "dots per inch". It is the unit of measurement for resolution which determines the quality or raster of an image.
  7. High-res
    Generally a digital image with a resolution 300 dpi
  8. FPO
    Stands for "For Placement Only" These letters are clearly marked over any placeholder.
  9. Accordion Fold
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    • Zigzag type of fold where two or more parallel folds open in the manner of an accordion. Also known as a fan fold.
  10. Barrel Fold
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    • Fold style where the outer edge of each panel is folded in toward the other resulting in six panels. Also called a roll fold & a C fold.
  11. Image Upload 3
    Accordion Fold
  12. Image Upload 4
    Barrel Fold
  13. Printer Spreads
    Document paginated for printing or binding.
  14. Reader Spread
    Document paginated for viewing.
  15. Saddle Stitch
    A method of binding by a wire stitch through the centerfold of nested signatures. (stapled)
  16. Perfect Binding
    A method of binding in which the signatures are stacked and glued to the cover and held together with a strip of adhesive.
  17. Register
    When each sheet enters the press from precisely the smae position ensuring that all colors are in "register", line up.
  18. Crop Marks
    Marks placed on the edges of a mechanical to indicate where a printed piece should be trimmed. Also called trim marks.
  19. Live Area
    The area on a page where you can safely place type, logos and other non-bleeding elements.
  20. Die
    Sharp metal rules mounted on a board for making die cuts, or a solid metal block used for stamping foil or embossing.
  21. Emboss
    To produce a raised impression on the surface of paper by pressing it between to dies.
  22. Deboss
    To produce a recessed impression on the surface of paper by pressing it between two dies.
  23. In-Line
    Any operation tied to the printing process done in one pass of the press such as Aqueous Coating.
  24. Off-line
    Any operation tied to the printing process done after the first pass of the press such as an Ultraviolet Coating.
  25. Offset Lithography
    Conventional printing where an image on a plate is "offset" onto a rubber blanket cylinder which, in turn, transfers the image to a sheet of paper.
  26. Uncoated Paper
    Paper that has not been coated with clay. The ink comes in direct contact with the paper fibers.
  27. Coated Paper
    Paper coated with clay. The ink sits on top of the clay coating and does not come in contact with the paper fibers.
  28. Proof
    A test sheet from the printer made to represent how a final printed product will look so that flaws may be corrected before the piece is printed.
  29. Comp (Comprehensive)
    Short for comprehensive dummy. It is a simulation of a printed piece for review. Also known as a mock-up.
  30. Royalty free (RF)
    After the initial purchase, royalty-free products may be used by you multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees.
  31. Rights Managed (RM)
    Rights-managed products are licensed on a use-by-use basis. The fee for using the product is calculated from several factors including size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution.
  32. EPS
    Stands for encapsulated postscript. File format for saving vector graphics.
  33. Tiff
    Stands for Tagged Image File Format. File file format for raster images.
  34. PDF
    Adobe Acrobat extension. Stands for Portable Document Format. File format best for designs for client review. Sometimes used for final press output.
  35. Indd
    InDesign extension. File format best for multiple page layouts.
  36. Aqueous Coating (AQ)
    Water based coating which is applied like ink in-line by a printing press for light protection. Aqueous coating is only available in flood coverage. (aqueous -- varnish -- ultra violet -- laminate)
  37. Varnish
    Coating applied to paper for visual impact or to provide some protection. Varnish can b applied in spot or flood coverage. Varnish is usually applied in in-line but can be applied off-line for more visual impact. (aqueous -- varnish -- ultra violet -- laminate)
  38. Ultraviolet Coating (UV)
    Liquid applied to a sheet of paper off-line that is heat cured with ultraviolet light resulting in a durable protective coating and a striking visual impact. Can be flood or spot coverage. (aqueous -- varnish -- ultra violet -- laminate)
  39. Laminate
    A means of bonding plastic film to a sheet of paper using heat and pressure. Provides an extremely protective covering. Flood coverage only. (aqueous -- varnish -- ultra violet -- laminate)
  40. Gate Fold
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    • A folding style where the outer edges fold inward to meet in the gutter and then folded again at the point where they meet to form eight panels
  41. Image Upload 6 Fold
    Gate fold
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