Chem Ch.5 Gases

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  1. What is the equation to find the number of moles of a gas?
    Mass divided by Molar Mass (m/MM)
  2. How do you find the temperature in Kelvin from degrees Celsius
  3. What is the mercury unit of pressure?
    Meter of Mercury (mm Hg)
  4. What is a bar equal to in pascals?
  5. What does atm stand for?
  6. What is Standard Pressure and Temperature?
    0C and 1atm
  7. What is the equation for the Ideal Gas Law?
  8. What is the volume of a mole of any gas at STP?
  9. What is the value of "R" in Ideal Gas Law?
  10. What is the unit for "R" in Ideal Gas Law?
  11. What is the equation for finding density of a gas?
  12. What are the full conversion factors of pressure?
    1.013bar =1atm = 760 torr = 760mm Hg = 14.7psi = 105 Pa
  13. What is the equation for finding the height of mercuric pressure for a substance with a differing density than the original?
  14. What is the equation for total pressure exerted when two species co-exist?
    • Ptot = [(na+nb) RT]/V
    • or
    • Ptot = Pa + Pb
  15. How do you calculate partial pressure when total pressure and composition of mixture are known?
    Pa = (na/ntot)*Ptot
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