1. dar a
    to face, to look out upon
  2. dar con
    to come upon, to find
  3. dar cuerda (a)
    to wind
  4. dar de beber (comer)
    to give a drink to (to feed)
  5. dar en
    to strike against, to hit
  6. dar gritos (voces)
    to shout
  7. dar la hora (las siete)
    to strike the hour (seven);
  8. darse la mano
    to shake hands;
  9. dar las gracias (a)
    to thank
  10. dar por+ past participle (dio por terminada)
    to consider
  11. darse por + past participle ( se dio por vencido)
    to consider oneself
  12. dar recuerdos(a)
    to give regards to
  13. darse cuenta de
    to realize
  14. darse prisa
    to hurry
  15. dar un abrazo
    to embrace
  16. dar un paseo
    to take a walk
  17. dar un paseo en coche
    • to take a ridehay
    • there is
  18. había, hubo
    there was, there were
  19. habrá
    there will be
  20. habría
    there would be
  21. ha habido
    there has been
  22. haber de+
    to be supposed to, to have to (using he, ha, hemos, habéis, han, has)
  23. haber sol
    to be sunny
  24. haber polvo
    to be dusty
  25. haber lodo
    to be muddy
  26. haber neblina
    to be foggy, misty
  27. hay luna
    there is moonlight
  28. hay que+ infinitive
    one must, it is necessary
  29. hay+noun+ que+ infinitive
    there will be/ had been/ was
  30. hace+ time expression+ que+ preterite
  31. hace poco
    a little while ago
  32. hacer (mucho) frío (calor)
    to be (very) cold (warm)
  33. hacer buen (mal) tiempo
    to be good (bad) weather
  34. hacer (mucho) viento
    to be (very) windy
  35. hacer caso de
    to pay attention to, to heed, to notice
  36. hacer de
    to work as, to act as
  37. hacer el papel de
    to play the role of
  38. hacer pedazos
    to break to pieces, to tear (to shreds), to smash
  39. Hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  40. hacer una visita
    to pay a visit
  41. hacer un viaje
    to take (make) a trip
  42. hacerse
    to become (through effort)
  43. hacerse tarde
    to become (grow) late
  44. hacer daño
    to harm, to damage
  45. hacerse daño
    to hurt oneself
  46. tener (mucho) calor (frío)
    to be very warm (cold)
  47. tener cuidado
    to be careful
  48. tener dolor de cabeza (de estómago)
    to have a headache (stomach ache)
  49. tener éxito
    to be successful
  50. tener ganas de
    to feel like
  51. tener mucha hambre (sed)
    to be very hungry (thirsty)
  52. tener la culpa (de)
    to be to blame for (for)
  53. tener lugar
    to take place
  54. tener miedo de
    to be afraid of
  55. tener por+ adjectivive
  56. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  57. tener que ver con
    to have to do with
  58. tener razón (no tener razón)
    to be right (to be wrong)
  59. tener (mucho) sueño
    to be very sleepy
  60. tener (mucha) suerte
    to be very lucky
  61. tener verg(weird u)enza de
    to be ashamed (of)
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