4-6 Lit Vocab

  1. Affinity
    Relationship, attraction
  2. Bilious
    Peevish, irritable, unpleasant
  3. Cognate
    Closely related in orign, nature, or function
  4. Corollary
    Proposition that follows from one already proven, consequence
  5. Cul-de-sac
    Dead-end street or situation, impasse
  6. Derring-do
    Valor, heroism, daring deeds
  7. Divination
    Act of predicting the future
  8. Elixir
    cure-all potion, panacea
  9. Folderol
    Nonsense, a trifle
  10. Gamut
    Entire range or series
  11. Hoi polloi
    The masses
  12. Ineffable
    Too great or too sacred to be uttered
  13. Lucubration
    Laborious study or thought (at night)
  14. Mnemonic
    Designed to assist the memory
  15. Obloquy
    Public abuse indicating strong disapproval
  16. Paramter
    Determining or characteristic element
  17. Pundit
    One who gives authoritative opinions
  18. Risible
    Pertaining to laughter
  19. Symptomatic
    Typical or characteristic
  20. Volte-face
    About face, complete reversal
  21. Aficionado
  22. Browbeat
    Intimidate by a stern or overbearing manner
  23. Commensurate
    Equal in size
  24. Diaphonous
    Almost completely transparent
  25. Emolument
    Fee or salary
  26. Foray
    Quick rade (usually for plunder)
  27. Genre
    Type (literary); a painting style where everyday scences are realistically depicted
  28. Homily
    Sermon stressing moral principles
  29. Immure
    To imprison
  30. Insouciant
  31. Matrix
    Mold, surrounding situation or environment
  32. Obsequies
    Funeral rites or ceromonies
  33. Panache
    Confident and styleish manner
  34. Persona
    A character in a novel or play
  35. Philippic
    A bitter verbal attack
  36. Prurient
    Having lustful desires or interests
  37. Sacrosanct
    Very saccred or holy, inviolable, set apart from questioning or attack
  38. Systemic
    Relating to a system or systems, pertaining to entire body
  39. Tendentious
    Biased or partisan
  40. Vicissitude
    Change, alteration (in life)
  41. Abortive
    Failing attempt
  42. Bruit
    To spread news or rumors
  43. Contumelious
    Insolent, insulting
  44. Dictum
    Short saying, authoritative statement
  45. Ensconce
    Settle comfortably in position
  46. Iconclastic
    Attacking or seeking to overthrow status quo
  47. In medias res
    In the middle of things
  48. Internecine
    Mutually destructive (murderous)
  49. Maladroit
    Lacking skill or dexterity
  50. Maudlin
    Mushy (emotional)
  51. Modulate
    To change intensity or pitch, moderate
  52. Portentous
    Foreshadowing an event
  53. Prescience
  54. Quid pro quo
    Soemthing given in exchange for something else
  55. Salubrious
  56. Saturnalian
    Characterized by rioutous revelry or licentiousness
  57. Touchstone
    Means of testing worth
  58. Traumatic
    Emotional shock causing pyschological damage
  59. Vitiate
    To weaken, degrade
  60. Waggish
    Making jokes
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