1. What is Adolescence?
    the period from the onset of puberty until the beginning of adulthood.
  2. what is Adolescent Egocentrism?
    The quality of thinking that leads some adolescents to believe that they are the focus of attention in social situations, to believe that their problems are unique, to be unusually hypocritical, and to be "pseudostupid."
  3. What is Animism?
    The egocentric belief of preoperational children that inanimate objects are alive, as children are.
  4. What is Attachments?
    the physcological bonds between infants and caregivers.
  5. What is the Concrete Operational Stage?
    In Piagets theory, the period of cognitive development between the ages of 7 to 11.
  6. What is Conservation?
    the concept understood by concrete operational children that quantity (number, mass, etc.) does not change just because shape or other superficial features have changed.
  7. What's the Critical Period?
    A biologically determined period in the life of some animals during which certain forms of learning can take place most easily.
  8. What's Development?
    The more-or-less predictable changes in behavior associated with increasing age.
  9. What's Early Experiences?
    Experiences occuring very early in development, believed by some to have lasting effects.
  10. What's Egocentric?
    The self-oriented quality in the thinking of preoperational children.
  11. What's the Formal Operational Stage?
    The period characterized by an ability to use abstract concepts.
  12. What is Imprinting?
    A form of early learning that occurs in some animals during a critical period.
  13. What is Maturation?
    Systematic physical growth of the body, including the nervous system.
  14. What is the Neonatal Period?
    The first two weeks of life following birth.
  15. What is the Object Permanence?
    The understanding that objects continue to exist when they are not in view.
  16. What is the Preoperational Stage?
    In Piaget's Theory, the period of cognitive development from ages 2 to 7.
  17. What is Puberty?
    The point in development at which the individual is first physically capable of sexual reproduction.
  18. What is Sensorimotor Stage?
    In Piaget's Theory, the period of cognitive development from birth to 2 years.
  19. What is Separation Anxiety?
    The distress experienced by infants when they are seperated from their caregivers.
  20. What is Stage?
    One of several time periods in development that is qualitatively distinct from the periods that come before and after.
  21. What is Transductive Reasoning?
    Errors in understanding cause and effect relationships that are commonly made by preoperational children.
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