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    Antoin Coypel-(1661-1722)history painter, son of Noel Coypel. 1707 was a professor at the Acadamy, 1716 was king’s painter.

    • Bacchus and Ariadne 1693.
    • commissioned by the Duke of Orléans to decorate a small, private room in his Château of Saint-Cloud. The subject derives from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Ariadne, has been abandoned by her lover Theseus. As she mourns his departure she is
    • discovered by the god Bacchus, who immediately marries her. Coypel depicts the
    • tender moment of transition as Ariadne's tears give way to feelings of newborn
    • love.
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    Coypel, Black Boy with Basket of Fruit 1682 makes mme. Look white
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    • Antoine Coypel
    • Bath of Diana 1695 celebrates beauty of woman for men
    • Diana scenes” are a popular gallant subject in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. A gallant picture is one that presupposes a male viewer (i.e., a “gallant”) and aims
    • to titillate him. Such Paintings often are small, making them “cabinet pictures” as
    • well.
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    Charles-Antoine Coypel-(1694-1752) son of Antoine Coypel, 1st painter to king in 1722 after his father died, Royal Academy director in 1747,

    Don Quixote Led by Folly and Love 1714 fight windmill, war is misguiding, heroism=no real compeling motivation
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    • Noel-Nocolas Coypel-(1690-1734) 1733 appointed as professorship but died 34
    • Abduction of Europa 1726-27 The story of her abduction by Zeus in the form of a white bull was a Cretan story
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    • DeTroy-(1679-1752) French rococo painter, and tapestry designer,
    • Decloration of Love 1724, puppy=begging for attention, love in
    • picture maybe future,
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    • De Troy
    • The Garter,1724 time 1130am, he gets the wrong signal,
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    • De Troy
    • Diana and her Nymphs surprised by Acteon, 1734, she changes him into a deer, his dogs eat him
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    • Desportes-1661-1743 specialized in painting animals
    • Self Portrait,1699 two dogs, hunting trip, back with dead animals, landscape background
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    • Drouais-1763-1788
    • Children of the Duc de bouillon as Montagnards 1756 two little boys, ribbon, instrument, Perisian kids dressed in old/torn fashion made of real fabric, elude who they are and their qualities
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    • La Fosse-1636-1716 studied under Charles le Brun
    • Clytie’s Metamorphosis-1688 changes into a sunflower, Apollo goes into the water. she was an Okeanid nymph loved by sun-god Helios. When he abandoned her for the love of Leukothoe, she pined away and was transformed into the flower
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    • Le Fosse
    • Finding of Moses 1675-80 Rubenist style=painterly, figures are less seperate, more intertwined, linearity=blur, in motion, light,
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    • Le Fosse
    • Bacchus and Aridne 1699 g
    • d
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    • La Fosse
    • Salon of Apollo Ceiling 1671
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    • Largilliere
    • Portrait of Charles Le Brun-1686 red shoes, hierarchy,paint brush, studio, plaster casts
  16. angel putting crown on his head...
    • Le Brun
    • Louis XIV Assumes Personal Power 1686 hall of mirrors ceiling, on thron, kids playing cards, put crown on head
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    • Le Moyne
    • Diana and Callisto 1723 Pregnent by jupiter, desguised himseld as diana, diana turns her into a bear, painterly style=rubenist,
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    • Le Moyne
    • Hercules and Omphale 1724 she is the 'man' he is weak, a girl, does girl things, love slave, he killed a guy so this is his punishment to serve her, behind closed doors woman had power
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    • Le Moyne
    • Time saving Truth 1737 Fasehood and envy on ground, truth will prevail over time, truth is naked, inoccent,
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    • Mignard
    • Louis XIV at Maastricht 1673 victory, over head white flag leaf crown, showing of his legs,
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    • Mignard
    • Self Portrait 1690 (compared with portrait of la Brun) modest, doesnt show off red shoes,
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    • Mignard
    • Soap Bubbles 1674 girl with bubble, it will pop, lose of inoccence, doesnt last, dog=train for motherhood=Dutch thing
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    • Nattier
    • Mlle Charolais 1731 playing guitare, love, ready for love,
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    • Nattier
    • Mme Henriette as Flora 1742 twin sister, historical portrait, 14 at time painted, inoccent, virgin
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    • Nattier
    • Maria-Adelaide of France as Diana 1745 bow and arrow, animal print around waist, virgin, cresent moon on head, country side w/open landscape
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    • Oudry (1686-1755) paints animals, at 31 admitted to accadamy as history painter
    • Polydore 1728 Louis XV favorite dog, hunt dog, white, W=mark on body, landscape background,hung over door in hunting launge, Image Upload 26
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    • Oudry
    • Stag Hunt 1730 Louis XV hunt, puts himself in picture, historical=he was there
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    • Oudry
    • Dead Wolf 1721 wolf=savage outside landscape, dogs inside, b/g wall
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    • Rigaud
    • Louis XIV 1701 in long rich, fur coat with flour de leef symble, was supposed to be gift for king of spain but kept for him self and made rigaud make copies. showing off legs
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    • Rigaud
    • Cardinal Dubois 1724 red autfit, in hand letter saying Louis XiV is next king,chief minister
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    • Rigaud
    • Gaspard de Gueidan 1735 guise of a shephard,gentelman farmer, 'bag pipe' instrument, dog looking at him in admiration, painted as Celadon from a novel L'Aotree, freely natured,
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