To Kill A Mockingbird Vocab Test

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  1. ambled
    walked at a slow, easy pace
  2. apprehensively
    uneasily or fearfully
  3. articulate
    expressed clearly and effectively
  4. benevolence
    the desire to do good to others
  5. blandly
    mildly or unemotionally
  6. diction
    style of speaking or writing
  7. elusive
    hard to express or define
  8. fanatical
    extremely enthusiastic
  9. fractious
    easily angered or quarrelsome
  10. frivolous
    silly, not very serious
  11. furtive
    secret or sneaky
  12. impudent
    rude or disrespectful
  13. melancholy
    gloomy or depressed
  14. mortification
    a feeling of shame
  15. nondescript
    dull and uninteresting
  16. oblivious
  17. placid
    calm or peaceful
  18. provocation
    something that causes anger
  19. savored
    fully enjoyed or tasted
  20. squalor
    filth and misery
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