1. what is the purpose of the hardening agent?
    harden and shrink gelatin in film emulsion
  2. the restrainer stops the development of:
    unexposed crystals more than exposed crystals
  3. what is the optimal temperature for the developer?
    68 degrees F
  4. normal use of film processing is defined as how many films per day?
  5. to maintain the freshness of the solutions how often must they be replenished?
  6. film processing solutions can be either concentrated powder or liquid, what must the be mixed with?
    distilled water
  7. when is the film emulsion hardened?
  8. what improves image sharpness
    smaller crystal size
  9. t/f developer initiates chemical reaction and reduces exposed silver halide crystals into black but leaves unexposed silver halide crystals
    both true
  10. a stepwedge will reveal radiographs at a _____ kVp and will have higher contrast than radiographs with a _____kVp
    • lower
    • higher
  11. what is the most radiolucent area on the radiograph
    air space
  12. films exposed to safe light for more than 2 to 3 minutes will appear?
  13. exhausted fixer produces radiographs that appear?
    yellow brown color because it does not stop the chemical reaction
  14. if the temperature of the processing solution is above normal what must be done to get the desired density?
    decrease developing time
  15. what is the purpose of an extraoral cleaning film
    clean residual gelatin or dirt from rollers
  16. to view xrays with subtle changes in density and contrast it is easier to detect if?
    extraneous light is eliminated
  17. labial mounting is placed with _____ side of identification dot to viewer and viewed from the ____ aspect
    • raised
    • labial
  18. the curve of spee is directed _____ toward distal and remember that most maxillary molars have ____ roots
    • upward
    • three
  19. ____ is responsible to establish the final interpretation and diagnosis of xrays
  20. what does not make white spots or lines on the film?
    static electricity (makes black lines)
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