1. what finger is used in the finger holding method for the maxillary right molar?
    left thumb
  2. when using the bisecting technique foreshortening will occur if the central ray is directed perpendicular to what?
    plane of the film
  3. for premolar bitewings the front edge of the film should be aligned with the midline of which tooth?
    mandibular canine
  4. what viruses are present in oral secreations
    I cytomeglovirus
    II hep b
    III herpes simplex
    IV HIV
    I, II, III, IV
  5. what is the absence of pathogens or disease causing microorganisms?
  6. in dental radiography no _____ ______ are used
    critical instruments
  7. what is an example of a semicritical radiography instrument?
    xray film holding devices
  8. what kind of cleaning and disinfection should be used for the dental unit and environment?
    intermediate level
  9. which surfaces should be covered or disinfected
    I control panel
    II exposure button
    III tubehead
    IV PID
    I, II, III, IV
  10. for the preparation of supples and equipment for radiology what must be sterilized?
    film holding devices
  11. during film processing film is oped with _____hands and unwrapped with ____ hands
    • gloved
    • nongloved
  12. what angle is bisected during the bisecting technique?
    angle formed by film and long axis of the tooth
  13. what is the primary benefit of using the film holder with the bisecting technique?
    reduces patient exposure to radiation
  14. in the bitewing technique the vertical angulation is predetermined, central ray is ____ degrees to the occlusal plane
    +10 degrees
  15. when exposing CMRS with the bisecting techinque ____ size 2 films are used
  16. what is the disadvantage of bisecting vs paralleling?
    dimensional distortion
  17. which size bitewing film is used with children with primary dentition
    size 0
  18. what is the exposure sequence for PA and BW
    • ant PA
    • posterior PA
    • Bitewings last
  19. when are vertical bitweings used?
    looking at bone loss
  20. _____ _____ is best evaluated when viewing bitewing xray
    interproximal caries
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