chabner ch4

  1. apnea
    not breathing
  2. anoxia
    without oxygen (decrease in tissues)
  3. abnormal
    pertaining to away from the norm (rule); not regular
  4. abductor
    one who (muscle which) leads away from the body. to abduct means to carry away by force; kidnap
  5. adductor
    one who (muscle which) leads toward the body. to admit means to send toward or permit entrance.
  6. adrenal glands
    endocrine glands located above toward the kidneys
  7. anabolism
    process of casting (building) up materials (proteins within cells
  8. analysis
    to seperate (apart). psychoanalysis is a psychiatric treatment that explores the mind. urinalysis (urin/o + (an)alysis) is laboratory examination of urine to aid in diagnosis.
  9. ante cibum
    before meals
  10. anteflexion
    bending foward
  11. antepartum
    before birth
  12. antisepsis
    condition against infection
  13. antibiotic
    pertaining to against life (germ life)
  14. antigen
    a substance (usualy foreign) that stimulates the production of antibodies.
  15. antibody
    protein substance made in the body to destroy foreign antigens
  16. antitoxin
    a substance (antibody) produced in response to and capable of neutralizing a toxin (such as those causing diphteria or tetanus). antivenin contains antitoxin specific for an animal or insect venom.
  17. autoimmune disease
    a condition related to making antibodies (immune substance) against ones own (auto-) cells and tissue.
  18. bifurcation
    forking (branching) into two; as the trachea bifurcates into two individual tubes
  19. bilateral
    pertaining two sides
  20. bradycardia
    condition of slow heart beat
  21. catabolism
    process of casting down materials (sugar) release energy in cells
  22. congenital anomaly
    irregularity at birth
  23. connective
    to tie (bind) together.a conference (fer- means to carry or bring) is where people gather together or meet
  24. contraindication
    to point out against; as reason why a drug should not be taken
  25. contralateral
    pertaining to the opposite side
  26. dehydration
    condition of lack of water
  27. diameter
    to measure through, as the diameter of a circle
  28. diarrhea
    to flow through; water is not properly absorbed through the walls of the colon
  29. dialysis
    complete seperation; two types are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  30. dispnea
    difficult breathing
  31. dysplasia
    abnormal (bad) development or formation
  32. ectopic pregnancy
    pregnancy out of the normal place (usually in the fallopian tubes)
  33. endocardium
    inner lining (membrane) of the heart
  34. endoscope
    instrument used to view within the body; gastroscope, bronchoscope, laparoscope
  35. endotracheal
    pertaining to within the trachea
  36. epithelium
    skin cell; literally "upon a nipple"
  37. euphoria
    good feeling "high"
  38. euthyroid
    normal thyroid function
  39. exophthalmus
    eyeblls that protrude
  40. hemiglossectomy
    removal of half the tongue
  41. hyperglycemia
    increase in blood sugar
  42. hyperplasia
    condition of increased formation (increase in n umber of cells)
  43. hypertrophy
    increase in develpment; increase in sizeo f cell
  44. hypodermic injection
    use of a needle and syringe to force liquid under the skin
  45. hypoglycemia
    decrease in blood sugar
  46. insomniac
    pertaining to inability to sleep
  47. incision
    process of cutting into
  48. infracostal
    pertaining to below ribs
  49. intercostal
    pertaining to between the ribs
  50. intravenous
    pertaining to within the veins
  51. macrocephaly
    pertaining to an elarged head. a congenital anomaly
  52. malignant
    harmful,bad; concerous condition
  53. malaise
    feeling of discomfort; "bad feeling"
  54. matacarpal bones
    five hand bones (beyond the wrist)
  55. metamorphosis
    condition of change of shape or form
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