clinical 1

  1. you got the vent set up ready to go, anesthisia gives you settings and you put the pt on the vent, whats the next best thing you think you should do? right away?
    listen to patients stomach/lungs to verify placement
  2. if you were told at the report that your patients tube is at the 23 cm at the lip and all of the sudden pt comes to the unit with 28 cm at the lip, vent is alarming, what do you think you should do?
    withdraw the tube to the correct position.
  3. what size catheter should you use with a 6 french tube?
    12 catheter

    (diameter of the tube multiply by 2) suction catheter
  4. if a patient is on a vt of 800 and every breath their exhaled vt is 1000, what do you think the value is that your going to use

    use actual patient
  5. blood gas for ventilation:
  6. blood gas for oxygenation:
  7. what do u want to adjust with a patient that has infractory hypoxemia
  8. 1:2 to 1:4 what would you do to the flow?
    increase flow to increase expiratory time
  9. 1:2 to 1:4 what would you do to the itime?
    decrease the itime
  10. if the itime is 1:1.2 and i gotta get it to 1:1.3, what do you want to change?
    increase flow
  11. if pt comes to the icu and not sure with the position about their tube. u hear bs on both side and want to be sure, what do u want to do?
    chest x-ray
  12. what mode of ventilation would i use if i want to make sure that the volume was delivered at the lowest possible airway pressure
    PRVC - pressure regulated volume controlled
  13. where do u set the apnea interval on the p840
    apnea set up
  14. in pressure control mode of ventilation, if i want to increase volume, what do u want to do?
    increase pressure to increase volume
  15. 2 different ways u can measure the PPL
    • ins hold
    • 1 sec TPL (plateau time)
  16. what kind of nebulizer is a aero-neb
  17. what phase of the resp cycle does peep remains in the circuit
    end expiratory
  18. if the only thing you can touch is the itime button how would u effectively increase flow rate
    decrease itime
  19. use corrected vt if given, however, if u are given a bunch of settings and given a set vt and a actual vt what do you use?
  20. if u are given a set peep and a instrinsic peep, what do you use
    instrinsic or total peep
  21. 3 things to trigger patient breath
    • rr
    • patient
    • manual machine breath
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