History of Jazz Ch. 6

  1. East St. Louis Toodle-oo
    Duke Ellington- jungle style, nasty sounding
  2. God Bless The Child
    Billie Holiday-scooping notes
  3. Good Enough To Keep
    Benny Goodman Sextet-vibraphone
  4. He's Funny That Way
    Billie Holiday/Lester Young-sax and vocals
  5. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
    Tommy Dorsey-trombone with lots of vibrato
  6. In A Mellow Tone
    Duke Ellington-fancy piano intro
  7. In The Mood
    Glenn Miller-sax + clarinet have the melody
  8. It Don't Mean A Thing
    Duke/Ivie Anderson-listen for the title in the lyrics
  9. Jumpin' At The Woodside
    Count Basie-starts with piano ostinato (quarter notes up and down the keyboard)
  10. King Porter Stomp
    Benny Goodman-starts with trumpet solo
  11. Koko
    Duke Ellington-jungle drums, low bari sax and basoon
  12. Lester Leaps In
    • Count Basie-simple piano fills between horn ostinato (H H | Q EE Q Q | W)
    • H= half note
    • Q=quarter note
    • E=eighth note
    • W=whole note
  13. Rose Room
    Benny Goodman Sextet-clarinets and vibes, song from the main menu of the video in class
  14. Sing, Sing, Sing
    Benny Goodman-Gene Krupa drum solo intro
  15. Take The A Train
    Billy Strayhon/Duke Ellington
  16. A Tisket A Tasket
    Ella Fitzgerald/Chick Webb-listen to lyrics
  17. Begin The Beguine
    Artie Shaw-low register clarinet, lyrical
  18. Body and Soul
    Coleman Hawkins-lyrical piano intro, sax solo
  19. Taxi War Dance
    Count Basie-piano ostinato calls the band (EE EE EE EE | EE EE EE EE | 2% | ascending on the keyboard)
  20. Count Basie's Rhythm Section
    • Guitar: Freddie Green
    • Bass: Walter Page
    • Drums: Jo Jones
    • Piano: Basie (Duh!)
  21. Guitar player for Benny Goodman
    Charlie Christian
  22. Famous sax player for Count Basie
    Lester Young
  23. Short drummer, in constant back pain, led band at the Savoy Ballroom
    Chick Webb
  24. Clarinet band leaders
    Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw
  25. Sax player that played up and down the registers of the instrument (vertical), used harmonies a lot
    Coleman Hawkins
  26. Trumpet player called "Little Jazz"
    Roy Eldridge
  27. First Lady of Swing
    Ella Fitzgerald
  28. Singer that had a rough childhood
    Billie Holiday
  29. Bandleader that used a baton and had his band dancing on stage
    Jimmy Lunsford
  30. Who heard Count Basie on the radio and drove all the way to Kansas City to see him?
    John Hammond
  31. Trombone bandleaders
    Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey
  32. Benny Goodman broke the color barrier when he played onstage with a black pianist named
    Teddy Wilson
  33. Arranger and musical soulmate for Duke Ellington
    Billy Strayhorn
  34. Who was the bandleader that hired Ella Fitzgerald?
    Chick Webb
  35. What was Coleman Hawkins know as?
    The Bean
  36. When did swing start dying?
  37. Newport, RI 1956
    Duke Ellington revives swing by releasing a swing album and playing his old swing charts at the Newport Jazz Festival
  38. Syncopation of the Swing Era can be traced back to
    Louis Armstrong
  39. Arranger for Benny Goodman
    Fletcher Henderson (through John Hammond)
  40. Sweet band:
    Commercial band:
    Hot band:
    • Paul Whiteman type stuff
    • Mix of sweet and hot stuff
    • Really exciting jazz that pushed the envelope
  41. Rupublican band
    Glenn Miller
  42. Count Basie was born in
    New Jersey
  43. Logo of a band hanging on the music stand
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