History Test 6 Names and amendments

  1. John burgoine
    lost the battle of Saratoga
  2. Hernando Cortez
  3. Anthony Wayne
    Mad anthony - general
  4. George Washington
    • 1st president of America
    • Captured Hessians
  5. Isaac Buckas
    • Bishop
    • Religious Leader
  6. Roger Williams
    Established a colony
  7. Alexander Hamilton
    Secretary of Treasury
  8. General Cornwallis
  9. Andrew Jackson
    Spoil System
  10. Louis and Clark
    Explored the Louisiana Purchase for President Jefferson
  11. Stephen De Catour
    Best Known hero of the Tripolitan war
  12. Santa Anna
    Mexican Dictator
  13. Henry Polk
    • President
    • 54 40 or fight
  14. Matthew Perry
    Commander who opened the door for trade in Japan
  15. William Blackstone
    Wrote commentaries on the war
  16. Thomas Payne
    Wrote common sense
  17. John Jay
    1st Chief Justice
  18. Noah Webster
    Blue backed Speller
  19. George Washington
    Led U.S. into independence
  20. Martin van Burren
    • Jacksons Vice President
    • Later became President
  21. William Lloyd Garrison
  22. Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Uncle Toms Cabin
  23. Milliard Fillmore
    President who took Taylors Place
  24. Sam Houston
    1st lone star President
  25. Booker T. Washington
    Wrote Up From Slavery
  26. Rutherford Hayes
    Removed Union Troops from the South
  27. Northern Politicians
    • Carpet Baggers
    • Went South as Galavanters
  28. William Bradford
    History of Pylmouth
  29. Amerigo Vespucci
    America was named after him
  30. Cyrus Field
    • Telegraph
    • Cable
  31. Stonewall Jackson
    Confederate General killed at chanceville by his own men
  32. John Freemonte
    1st Republican candidate
  33. Robert E. Lee
    Confederate General
  34. Ulysses S. Grant
    The Unions Winning General
  35. William T. Sherman
    Marched to the Sea
  36. Stephen Douglas
    • Against Lincoln
    • Proposed the Kansas - Nebraska Bill
  37. John Wilks Boothe
    Shot Abraham Lincoln
  38. Martin van Buren
    Formed the Free soil Party
  39. Emancipation Proclamation
    • Made all states fee
    • Lincoln Wrote it
  40. Adoniram Judson
    Father of American Missions
  41. Webster Ashburton
    • A treaty between canada and america
    • made in canada
  42. james buchanan
    won the election of 1856
  43. Robert Fulton
    Steam Boat
  44. Ferdinand Magellan
    Explorer who sailed around the world
  45. The Reconstruction Era
    1865 - 1877
  46. 13th Amendment
    Abolished Slavery
  47. 14th Amendment
    • Property and Land
    • Citizenship
    • Empowered the slaves
  48. 15th Amendments
    • Gave right to vote
    • Gave the Slaves rights
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