Biology Ch.8 Terms

  1. What does ATP stand for?
    Adenosine TriPhosphate
  2. What does ADP stand for?
    Adenosine DiPhosphate
  3. What is Photosynthesis?
    A process used by plants to convert the sun's energy into simple sugars.
  4. What are Light-Dependent Reactions?
    Processes that convert light energy into chemical energy.
  5. What is a Pigment?
    Absorbs specific wavelengths of light.
  6. What is Chlorophyll?
    A Pigment that absorbs most wavelengths of light, except green.
  7. What is an Electron Transport Chain?
    A series of proteins embedded in the thylakoid membrane.
  8. What is NADP+?
    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate
  9. What is Photolysis?
    Molecules of water being split in the first photosystem.
  10. What is the Calvin cycle?
    A series of reactions that use CO2 to produce sugar.
  11. What is Cellular Respiration?
    Mitochondria break down foot molecules to produce ATP.
  12. What is the difference in Anaerobic, and Aerobic?
    Anaerobic requires no Oxygen, while Aerobic does.
  13. What is Glycolysis?
    The process that breaks down Glucose into Pyruvic Acid.
  14. What is the Citric Acid Cycle?
    Similar to the Calvin Cycle. Produces 1 molecule of ATP, and 2 molecules of CO2.
  15. What is Lactic Acid Fermentation?
    Supplies energy when Oxygen is scarce.
  16. What is Alcoholic Fermentation?
    Produces CO2 and Ethyl Alcohol.
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