Social Vocab

  1. What word means to find out something new?

    B. Learn
  2. What is something that tells us what we can and cannot do?

    A. Rule
  3. What is acting in a way that is right and honest?

    B. Fair
  4. What is a number of people working together?

    B. Group
  5. What is a person who helps someone learn?

    A. Teacher
  6. Who is the leader of the school?

    B. Principal
  7. What is where the place is?

    C. Location
  8. What is something people use, such as pencils, chalk, or computers?

    B. Tool
  9. What is all the people and places on our planet?

    A. World
  10. What is a chart that shows how you put things into a group?

    B. Table
  11. Who is the person in charge of a group that helps decide what the group should do?

    C. Leader
  12. What is a drawing that shoes where places are?

    B. Map
  13. What is a picture or object that stands for something else?

    A. Symbol
  14. What is it called when we tell others what we know or think?

    B. Share
  15. What the information you are reading is mostly about is called the:

    B. Main Idea
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