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  1. define hyperthymestic menory.
    memory that is too good
  2. define memory
    retention of information over time
  3. suggestive memory
    procedures that encourage patients to to recall memories that may or may not have happened
  4. short term memory last for about ______ seconds
  5. 2 nmajor resons for forgetting
    • interference: memories getting in the way of other memories.
    • retroactive interference occurs when learning something new tampers with something we already know.
    • proactive interfernece occurs when eariler learning gets in the way of newer learning

    decay the longer we wait, the less we will remember
  6. what is the digit span for most adults?
  7. chunking refers to
    organizing information into categories so we can remember them better in our short term memory
  8. 3 memory systems are....
    sensory memory- while watching tv. Last for a second and gone forever. prepares the short term memory

    short temrm meomory- also very brief 20 seconds

    longterm memory ststained from minutes to years retention of information is stored ie.facts, experiences
  9. echoic memory

    renency effect
    auditory sensory memory system

    the tendency to remember items at the end of a list
  10. primacy effect

    antrograde amnesia
    the tendency to recall information at the beginnin of a series

    the inhabiltity to recall new memories from our experiences
  11. damage to the __________ plays a key role in memory & leads to damage to ________memory but leaves _______ memory in tack
    hippocampus -explicit- implicit
  12. alzheimers begings with
    newer memories ending with older memories
  13. the circadian rhem

    changes the occur in a 24 hour span + controls feelings of drowsiness

    triggers feelings of sleepiness and increases after dark
  14. stages of sleep 1
    light sleep.
    • brain activity goes down by 50%
    • as we get deeper into sleep we experience scattered imagery in dreamlike images
  15. stage of sleep 2
    • k complexes only appear during sleep
    • brain, heart, body tempurature goes down
    • 65% of sleep is spent in this state
  16. stages of sleep 3&4
    delta waves are higher
  17. stage 5 of sleep
    • remm sleep (rapid eye movememnt)
    • the brain is active while the body is inactive.
    • most vivid dreaming occurs
    • emotional and illogical dreams
  18. lucid dreaming

    hypnic myoclonia
    knowing that your dreaming while your dreaming associated with anxiety dreams

    sudden jerks during sleep
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