1. Jacques de Morgan
    • - Code of Hammurabi
    • - Stele of Naram-sin
    • - Queen Napir- Asu Statue
    • ---
    • - Saqqara at Amenemhat II Dahshur
    • - Naqada
  2. F. A. Badawi
    • - Most extensive pre-dynastic excavations of Egyptian settlement to the day.
    • - Ma'adi site by Cairo- Threatened by urban development
    • - Used core drilling because magnetometers wouldn't work.
    • - Excavated neolithic/pre-dynastic settlement 4000 BC
    • - Evidence of trade
  3. Walter Ashlin Fairservis
    • -Excavated in Afghanistan, pakistan, Hierankonpolis
    • - Narmer Palette and two dogs palette from Naqada III 3000 BC
    • -Pharaoh Khasekekhem shows a pharaoh in jubilee clothes 2650 BC
  4. George Andrew Reisner
    • - Performed rescue archaeology when the Aswan dam was heighened, and in flood areas of the nile
    • - Led hearst expedition at Naga ed-deir, Quft, Deir El-ballas. Giza.
    • - Found tomb of Queen Hetepheres, Mother of Khufu. No mummy inside.
    • -Tomb of queen Meresankh III one of Khafra's wives. It included suberranean chambers and a chapel.
  5. Guy Brunton and Diane Holmes
    • - Excavated shaft tomb with Petrie that belonged to the daughter of Senusret II. In hidden areas they found canoptic jar boxes of make up, and jewelry, it is called Treasure of Lahun.
    • - Discovered Badarian pottery- thin walls, blackened rim
    • - El badari district.
    • -Used Radiocarbon dating to confirm the age of badarian pottery (4000 BC)
    • - Bodies were buried with their heads facing south and lying on their left side
  6. Fred Wendorf
    • - Discovered Nabta Playa (Looks like stonehenge)
    • - Excavated U.S. South West and in North Africa. Specifically in the sahara desert.
    • -Paleolithic Nabta Playa dates back to 7,000 B.C.
  7. Hermann Junker
    • -Discovered the Merimde (south of cairo) site in the west delta in Lower Egypt.
    • -Most of time excavating pyramids at Giza
    • -Conducted digs in the Cairo Memphis area and Nubia
    • -Found reserve heads in burial chamber
  8. Josef Eiwanger
    • -Identified five strata of occupation
    • -Re-excavated Merimde
  9. Gertrude Caton Thompson
    • -Worked with Flinders Petrie.
    • -First Egyptologist to excavate with controls. Disproved rising lake theory and solutrean connection thoery. Differentiated between Badarian and Fayum people. Proposed that Fayum predates badarian and Badarian pre-dates Nubian
    • - Excavated in Malta, Hammamiya, Fayum Kharga Oasis.
    • -First to use tight excavation controls
    • - Found fayum stone tools, cooking tools.
  10. Pierre Vermeersch
    • - Started a project called the Belgian middle Egypt prehistoric project (last over 25 years) Main focus was on mining activities and stone tols.
    • - Excavated many sites with clear evidence of chert mining.
    • -Focused on Egyptian prehistory
    • -He excavated sites in danger of being destroyed by irrigation or building activities
    • -used pre-second world war topographical maps.
  11. Flinders Petrie
    • -Analyzed the architecture of the pyramids at Giza- disproving British theories
    • - Worked in new Kingdom sites; Naukratis, Tanis, abydos, luxor, and Amarna
    • - Pioneer of systematic methodology
    • - Found merneptah Stele- only stele that mentions Israel. Sometimes is called israel stele
  12. Gunter Dreyer
    • - Works on tombs in Abydos
    • - Found bags of oil and linen in the tomb of king scorpion
    • - Found stadte palette, comparable to narmer palette
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