O Lecture 10/8/10

  1. How much does the water level change by?
    3 ft.
  2. high timde
    water comes in
  3. low tide
    water goes out
  4. What are two tidal currents
    • flood tide
    • ebb tide
  5. flood tide
    water comes in
  6. ebb tide
    water goes out
  7. What does the water do to switch between high and low tides?
    stop and reverse
  8. slack water
    no currents
  9. When does slack water happen?
    when tides reverse
  10. Tidal range
    difference in water level between high and low tide
  11. tidal period
    time between consecutive high tides
  12. What is the tidal period here?
    ~12 hrs
  13. What are boston's tides like?
    • 2 tides a day
    • semidiurnal
    • regular
    • same height
  14. What are the Gulf of Mexico's tides like?
    • 24 hours to complete a tidal tide
    • diurnal tide
  15. What type of tides does most of the world have?
    mixed tides
  16. mixed tides
    2 highs and 2 lows of a day, but different heights
  17. How long does a spring/neap cycle take to complete
    2 weeks
  18. What are tides on a longer scale called?
  19. Neap
    small tidal range
  20. Spring
    largest tidal range
  21. What are the 4 tides in a mixed tide system called
    • lower low tide
    • higher high tide
    • lower high tide
    • higher low tide
  22. tides
    • rhythmic rise and fall of sea level
    • very long and regular shallow water waves
  23. standing wave
    a wave that oscillates vertically, no progressive movemnt
  24. What causes a standing wave?
    • ride waves, reflected by coast
    • amplification of tidal range
  25. What is an example of a place that gets a standing wave?
    Bay of Fundy
  26. Where do tidal bores exist?
    low gradient river
  27. tidal bore
    tides pile up
  28. What is the longest estuary affected by ocean tides?
    Amazon River
  29. What did Sir Isaac Newton say about tides?
    moon and gravity
  30. What is the moons gravity doing?
    pulling all parts of the earth toward it
  31. Gravitational forces
    • proportional to product of masses
    • inversely proportional to squarTide generating forcese of seperation distance
  32. Tide generating forces
    Bary center between moon and earth
  33. Bary center
    • always between moon and earth
    • experiences centripetal acceleration
  34. Centripetal force
    all experiencing the same
  35. resultant forces
    difference between centripetal and gravitational force
  36. tide generating forces are
    horizontal components
  37. How long is the lunar day
    12 hours and 25 min
  38. When do we get spring tides?
    New and full moon
  39. When do we get neap tides?
    at the 1st and the 3rd quarter
  40. syzygy
    all 3 (earth, sun, and moon) lined up
  41. Force is proportional to
    M/ r3
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