1. British North American Act
    • Four provinces in British North America united under the British North American Act to form conferderation.
    • The Act set out the structure of the federal system.
  2. Federal government responsibilities
    • the federal government is required to look after
    • Defence
    • Trade
    • Currency (money)
    • Foreign affairs
    • Crown corporations
    • Fisheries
  3. Provincial government Responsibilities
    • Education
    • Language
    • Municiple affairs
    • gambling/liquor
    • heritage
    • provincial laws
  4. Federal and provincial responsibilities
    • Taxes
    • Health care
    • Environment
    • Criminal Law
  5. Federal government
    the federal government is in charge of things that concern the nation as a whole

    the provincial government is in charge of things that concern the region

    the municiple is in charge of things in the local area
  6. three branches of the canadian government
    • Executive
    • Legislative
    • Judicial
  7. Executive
    • Has the power to administer and carry out laws
    • Example: National budget
    • People involved: PM, Cabinets, Premiers, Public Service
  8. Legislative
    • Has the power to make and change laws; AKA parliment
    • Examples, taxes rates for education
    • People involved, members of parliament, senators, members of provincial parliament
    • Vote for or against laws and can change the law
  9. Judicial

    • Has the power to decide who has broken the law and to set penalties
    • people involved: Judges, Police, Attorneys
  10. Civil Law
    • Definition: is the disputes between people.
    • Examples: Broken Contract Slander, Injury from Car accident
    • Plaintiff (Victim), guy who was injured from the car accident
    • Defendant (accused) Person who committed the crime.
    • Types of action: lawsuit
    • Ruling: Compensation ($)
  11. Criminal Law
    • Definition: Is when a person breaks the law, acts against society as a whole
    • Examples: Fraud, Arson, Theft, Murder, Assault
    • People Involved: Government vs. defendant
    • purpose to protect society
    • Types of action: Prosecution
    • Rulings: Punishment (Jail time, fine, probation, community service, and rehabilitation
  12. Bail
    temporary release of the accused granted in exchange for money, or some from of security to ensure the accused will appear for trail
  13. Crown
    Attorneys who represent the monarch and prosecute the accused on behalf of the community
  14. acquittal
    the decision indicating that the accused is not guilty of the charges brought against an accused
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