RNR test two lecture SG pt 2

  1. What is Hazardus waste talk about it
  2. Love Canal
  3. Superfund (CERCLA)-what is it and how is it funded?
  4. Hazardous waist disposal alternatives
  5. Garbage and landfill space problems-what can we do?
  6. Forest controversies and issues in the news
  7. Forest values
      1. Provide wood and paper

    • In 2002 $140 billion in business

      1. Soil Stabilization with root systems

    • Biogeochemical and hydrologic pump

    • Fuel

    • Climate control

    • Recreation

    • Wildlife habitat
  • Coniferous and deciduous forests
  • Forest stand
      1. A group of tress in an area that are similar in species composition, age and structure and can be distinguished from adjoining forests
  • Primary and secondary ecological succession
      1. i.
      2. Primary Succession -> Old-growth forest

      1. If we harvest old-growth forest we set it back a few stages into secondary succession and if we leave it alone hopefully it will end up back as a climax community

    1. Factors Influencing Forest Development

      • i.
      • Shade Tolerance

      • Seeding and germination habits

      • Birds and small mammals

      • bird and insect pollinators

      • indirect biotic impacts on forest production

    1. Pattern and rate of growth

      1. Competition for light

      2. Escape from herbivory

      3. recovery after disturbance

      1. I.
        Conservation of Forest Resources

        1. i.
        2. Increasing public attention during the past few decades because

        1. Rainforest destruction

      • Logging controversies

      • loss of forest dwelling species
      • Clear-cutting
      • done the wrong way

    2. Talk about Diseases and parasites effects on forest
        • Parasitic fungi are most destructive – attack leaves, stems, branches, etc

        • Viruses, bacteria, nematodes, mistletoe – can be deadly for a tree

        • Insects

          • Bark beetles

          • Wood borers

          • Larval insect defoilators

          • Sucking insects like aphids
    3. Pollution effects on forests
      • ·
      • Pollution

        • Industrial
        • urban areas in MDCs

        • Acid
        • rain, ozone, and SPM (dust, soot, asbestos, heavy metals)

        • Leaf
        • and bark damage, increase susceptibility to _____
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