1. deference
    n. courteous regard for another's wishes
  2. delineate
    v. portray, depict, sketch
  3. denigrate
    v. blacken
  4. deride
    v. ridicule, make fun of
  5. derivative
    adj. unoriginal
  6. desiccate
    v. dry up
  7. desultory
    adj. aimless, haphazard
  8. deterrent
    n. something that discourages
  9. diatribe
    n. bitter scolding, invective
  10. dichotomy
    n. split, branch into 2 parts
  11. difference
    n. shyness
  12. diffuse
    adj. wordy, rambling, spread out
  13. digression
    n. wandering away from the subject
  14. dirge
    n. lament with music
  15. disabuse
    v. correct a false impression, undeceive
  16. discerning
    adj. mentally quick and observant
  17. discordant
    adj. not harmonious, conflicting
  18. discredit
    v. defame, destroy confidence in
  19. discrepancy
    n. lack of consistency, difference
  20. discrete
    adj. separate, unconnected, consisting of separate parts
  21. disingenuous
    adj. lacking genuine candor, insincere
  22. disinterested
    adj. unprejudiced
  23. disjointed
    adj. lacking coherence, separated at the joints
  24. dismiss
    v. eliminate from consideration, reject
  25. disparage
    v. belittle
  26. disparate
    adj. basically different, unrelated
  27. dissemble
    v. disguise, pretend
  28. disseminate
    v. distribute, spread, scatter
  29. dissolution
    n. disintegration, looseness
  30. dissonance
    n. discord, opposite of harmony
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