Tissue test review

  1. Collections of specialized cells and cell products that perform a relatively limited number of functions are called
  2. A type of junction common in cardiac and smooth muscle tissues is the
    Gap Junction
  3. The most abundant connections between cells in the superficial layers of the skin are
  4. __________ membranes have an epithelium that is stratified and supported by dense connective tissue
  5. Mucous secretions that coat the passageways of the digestive and respiratory tracts result form _________ secretion
  6. Matrix is a characteristic of which type of tissue?
  7. Functions of connective tissue include
    • 1. establishing a structural framework for the body
    • 2. storing energy reserves
    • 3. providing protection for delicate for the body
  8. What does the epithelia most easily permits diffusion?
    simple squamous
  9. The three major types of cartilage in the body are
    hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartilage
  10. The primary function of serous membranes in the body is to
    minimize friction between opposing surfaces
  11. The type of cartilage growth characterized by adding new layers of cartilage to the surface is
    appositional growth
  12. Tissue changes with age can result from
    hormonal changes and improper nutrition
  13. Axons, dendrites, and a cell body are characteristic of cells located in
    neural tissue
  14. The repair process necessary to restore normal function in damaged tissues is
    isolation, reconstruction, and regeneration
  15. What are the four essential functions of epithelial tissue?
    • It provides physical protection
    • It controls permeability
    • It provides sensations
    • It produces specialized secretions
  16. Differentiate between endocrine and exocrine glands
    • Endocrine gland secrete hormones onto the surface of the gland
    • exocrine glands secrete through ducts
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Tissue test review
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