1. Cillia
    Microscopic hairlike projections that sweep debris upwards and out of respitory tract. by coughing.
  2. Alveoli
    • At the end of terminal bronchioles.
    • Exchange of gasses occur here.
  3. Pulmonary ventilation
    • The act of air flowing in and out of lungs.
    • There are two stages to Pulmonary Ventilation.
  4. Two Stages of Pulmonary Ventilation.
    Inspiration and Expiration
  5. Inspiration
    • Active stage of respiration.
    • Involves muscles of the thorax for inhilation to occur.
  6. Expiration
    Passive stage Pulmonary Ventilation.
  7. Respiration
    External Respiration. Gas exchange at alveoli.
  8. Perfusion
    Internal Respiration. Where gasses exhange at cellular level.
  9. Hypoxia
    Condition which body lacks O2.
  10. Upper airway consists of...
    • Nose
    • Pharanx
    • Larynx
    • Epiglottis
  11. Lower Airway consists of...
    • Tracheobronchial tree
    • Left and right main stem bronchi
    • Segmented Bronchi
    • Terminal Bronchi
  12. Atelectasis
    Incomplete lung expansion or collapse of alveoli. Prevents exhange of gas by diffusion on the lungs.
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