how to build a computer

  1. Introduction
    • 2005 Survey by Seagate 76% Americans have a PC.
    • Many jobs have applications online
    • Pictures and family memories online
    • Indispensable for modern life arguable as important as modern transport
    • Many wouldn't know how to fix let alone put one together
    • average amount to have a computer diagnosed is 50 dollars.
  2. Preview
    Today Ill be showing you how easy it is to build a computer. Which I hope will encourage you to learn more about the hardware inside your computers at home.
  3. Where To Buy?
    • Online such as Amazon or
    • Locally theres Digilink Computers
  4. What Will You Need To Buy?
    • A Case
    • Power Supply (Sometimes in case) 300 + watts recomened
    • Mother Board
    • Processor (Compatible with Mother Board)
    • RAM (Compatible with Mother Board)
    • Hard Drive
    • DVD/ CD Drive
  5. Before You Begin
    Ground Yourself
  6. Step 1
    • Clean Processor with Alcohol
    • Add Thermal Compound (I prefer Artic Silver)
    • Place on Mother Board (triangle mark)
    • Place Heat-sink on Processor
  7. Step 2
    Put MOBO in case screw in
  8. Step 3
    Install RAM in Slots (small slits one way)
  9. Step 4
    Install HDD in case (Make sure you have right drive SATA or IDE)
  10. Step 5
    Plug Case Cords into MOBO (named little arrows )
  11. Step 6
    Install CD/DVD (Sata or IDE)
  12. Step 7
    Install and Connect Power Supply to Parts
  13. Step 8
    • Install OS and Programs
    • Update System
    • Leave On A Few Days
  14. Conclusion
    As you can see building a computer can be a very simple thing and hopefully it also shows you that a computer insint as technecal as some of you may have thought it would be.
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