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  1. Waste from patients diagnosis, treatment, or immunization may be subdivided into two categories?
    Infectious and noninfectious
  2. Sharps, including hypodermic needles, syringes, scapel blades, sutures, pasteur pipettes, specimen slides, cover slips are exaples of?
    Infectious waste
  3. Where should you separate infectious waste from non?
    At point of origin
  4. All anatomical pathology waste should be put in?
    Double-wall corrugated boxes or equivalent rigid containers double lined with plastic bags for transport and incineration.
  5. T or False blood, suctioned fluids, or other potentially infectious liquid waste may be decanted into clinical sinks (not hand washing sinks)?
  6. Solidified liquid infectious materials shall be treated as?
    Infectious waste
  7. Storage of infectious waste shall be limited to ___ days with out refrigeration?
    7 days
  8. What shall be clearly visible outside the storage area?
    The word BIOHAZARD and the universal symbol
  9. Any new treatment techniques submitted for approval shall be acceptable to local authorities, shall have scientific evidence of efficacy and have successful use elsewhere for a min of?
    2 yrs
  10. The monitor system shall include?
    Date, type of waste, amount and disposition
  11. Microbiological methods of treatment are?
    Steam sterilization, chemical disinfection, incineration
  12. Pathological methods of treatments are?
    Incineration, cremation
  13. For effective sterilization temp shall be maintained at 121�c (250�F) for at least?
    90 minutes at 15 lbs per square inch of gauge pressure
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