1. External IC Origin
    Lower margin of upper 11 ribs
  2. Ext. IC Insertion
    Superior border of rib below
  3. Ext. IC Action
    Draws the ventral part of the rib upward
  4. Ext. IC Nerve
    Intercostal Nerves
  5. Ext. IC Blood
    1st 2 get supreme thoracic and superior intercostal
  6. Int. IC Origin
    From the cartilages to the angles of the upper 11 ribs
  7. Int. IC Insertion
    Superior border of rib below
  8. Int. IC Action
    Draws the ventral part of the rib downward
  9. Int. IC Nerve
    Intercostal Nerves
  10. Int. IC Blood supply
    1st 2 get superior intercostal and supreme thoracic
  11. Subcostals Origin
    Inner surface of each of the ribs near their angles
  12. Subcostals Insertion
    Medially on inner surface of 2nd or 3rd rib below
  13. Subcostals Action
    Draws the ventral part of the rib downward
  14. Subcostals Nerve
    Intercostal Nerves
  15. Subcostals Blood
    1st two get supreme thoracic and superior intercostal
  16. Diaphragm Origin
    Sternal Part: Inner part of xyphoid process
  17. Costal part: Inner surface of the lower 6 ribs and their cartilages
  18. Lumbar part: Upper 2 or 3 lumbar vertebrae and the lateral and medial lumbocostal arches
  19. Diaphragm Insertion
    Fibers converge and meet on a central tendon
  20. Diaphragm Action
    Draws central tendon inferiorly
  21. Diaphragm Nerve
    Phrenic Nerve
  22. Diaphragm Blood Supply
    Superior and inferior phrenic arteries.
  23. Ext. Ob. Origin
    Lower 8 ribs
  24. Ext. Ob. Insertion
    Anterior part of iliac crest
  25. Ext. ob. action
    Laterally flexes and rotates vertebral column
  26. Ext. Ob. Nerve
    8th-12th intercostal n
  27. Ext. Ob. Blood
    Lower posterior intercostal a
  28. Int. Ob. Origin
    Lateral half of the inguinal ligament
  29. Int. Ob. Insertion
    Cartilages of bottom 3 or 4 ribs
  30. Int. Ob. Action
    Compresses abdominal contents
  31. Int. Ob. Nerve
    8th-12th intercostal
  32. Int. Ob. Blood Supply
    Lower posterior intercostals
  33. Transversus Ab. Origin
    Lateral part of inguinal lig
  34. Transversus Ab. Insertion
    Abdominal aponeurosis to linea alba
  35. Transversus Ab. action
    Compresses abdomen
  36. Transversus Ab. Nerve
    7th-12th intercostal
  37. Transversis Ab. Blood
    Lower posterior intercostal
  38. Rectus Abdominus Origin
    Crest of the pubis
  39. Rectus Abdominus Insertion
    Cartilages of ribs 5-7 and xyphoid process
  40. Rectus Abdominus Action
    Flexes vertebral column
  41. Rectus abdominus Nerve
    7th-12th intercostal
  42. Rectus abdominus Blood
    superior and ineferior epigastric
  43. Quadratus Lumborum Origin
    Illiolumbar ligament
  44. Quad. Lumb. Insertion
    12th rib and transverse processes of first four lumbar vertebrae
  45. Quad Lumb. Action
    Laterally flexes vertebral column
  46. Quad Lumb Nerve
  47. Quad Lumb Blood
    Posterior intercostals
  48. Psoas Major Origin
    bases of all the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae
  49. Psoas Major Insertion
    Lesser trochanter of femur
  50. Psoas Major Action
    Flexes thigh
  51. Psoas Major Nerve
    branches of lumbar plexus (l2
  52. Psoas Major Blood
    Posterior Intercostals
  53. Iliacus Origin
    Upper 2/3 of the iliac fossa
  54. Iliacus Insertion
    Tendon of psoas major which inserts on lesser trochanter of femur
  55. Iliacus Action
    Flexes the thigh
  56. Illiacus Nerve
    Femoral nerve
  57. Iliacus Blood Supply
    Posterior intercostal
  58. Glut Max Origin
    Outer surface of ilium behind posterior gluteal line
  59. Glut Max Insertion
    Iliotibial tract of fascia lata
  60. Glut Max Action
    Upper: Abduction
  61. Lower: Adduction
  62. Glut Max Nerve
    Inferior Gluteal N.
  63. Glut Max Blood
    Superior and Inferior gluteal A.
  64. Glut Med Origin
    Outer surface of ilium inferior to iliac crest
  65. Glut Med Insertion
    Lateral surface of greater trochanter
  66. Glut med Action
    Abducts femur
  67. Glut med Nerve
    Superior Gluteal N.
  68. Glut Med Blood
    Superior Gluteal A.
  69. Glut Min Origin
    Outer surface of ilium between middle and inferior gluteal lines
  70. Glut Min Insertion
    Anterior surface of greater trochanter
  71. Glut Min Action
    Abducts femur
  72. Glut Min Nerve
    Superior Gluteal N.
  73. Glut min Blood
    Superior Gluteal A.
  74. Tensor Fascia Latae Origin
    Outer edge of iliac crest between anterior superior iliac spine and iliac tubercle
  75. Tensor Fascia latae Insertion
    Iliotibial tract on upper part of thigh
  76. Tensor Fascia Latae Action
    Flexes and abducts thigh
  77. Tensor Fascia Latae Nerve
    Superior Glueteal n.
  78. Tensor Fascia Latae Blood
    Superior Gluteal A.
  79. Piriformis Origin
    Internal surface of sacrum
  80. Pirformis Insertion
    Upper border of greater tochanter
  81. Piriformis Action
  82. Priformis Nerve
    Anterior rami of 1st and 2nd sacral nerves
  83. Piriformis Blood
    Branches of internal iliac a.
  84. Biceps Femoris Origin
    Long head: Ischium tuberosity
  85. Short head: linea aspera
    lateral supracondylar ridge
  86. Biceps Femoris Insertion
    Lateral side of head of fibula
  87. Biceps femoris Action
    Flexes leg
  88. Biceps Femoris Nerve
    Long head: Tibial branch of sciatic
  89. Short head: Common peroneal branch of sciatic
  90. Biceps Femoris Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  91. Semitendinosis Origin
    Ischial tuberosity
  92. Semitendinsis Insertion
    Medial surface of shaft of tibia
  93. Semtendinosis Action
    Flexes and medially rotates leg
  94. Semtendinosis Nerve
    Tibial N. of Sciatic
  95. Semitendinosis Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  96. Semimembrenosis Origin
    Ischial tuberosity
  97. Semimembrenosis Insertion
    Posterior surface of medial condyle of tibia
  98. Semimembrenosis Action
    Flexes and medially rotates leg
  99. Semimembrenosis Nerve
    Tibial N. of Sciatic
  100. Semimembrenosis Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  101. Gracilis Origin
    Lower margin of body and inferior ramus of pubis
  102. Gracilis Insertion
    Pes Anserinus
  103. Gracilis Action
    Adducts thigh at hip joint
  104. Gracilis Nerve
    Obturator N.
  105. Gracilis Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  106. Pectineus Origin
    Pectineal line on superior ramus of pubis
  107. Pectineus Insertion
    From lesser trochanter to linea aspera of femur
  108. Pectineus Action
    Flexes thigh
  109. Pectineus Nerve
    Femoral N.
  110. Pectineus Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  111. Adductor Longus Origin
    Anterior of body of pubis
  112. Adductor Longus Insertion
    Medial lip of linea aspera
  113. Adductor Longus Action
  114. Adductor Longus Nerve
    Obturator N.
  115. Adductor Longus Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  116. Adductor Brevis Origin
    Outer surface of inferior ramus of pubis
  117. Adductor Brevis Insertion
    From below lesser trochanter to linea aspera and into proximal part of linea aspera
  118. Adductor Brevis Action
  119. Adductor Brevis Nerve
    Obturator N.
  120. Adductor Brevis Blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  121. Ad. Magnus Ad. Head Origin
    Inferor Ramus of pubis
  122. Ad Magnus Ad Head Insertion
    Linea aspera
  123. Ad Magnus Ad Head Action
    Adducts thigh
  124. Ad Magnus Ad Head Nerve
    Obturator n.
  125. Ad Magnus Ad head Blood
    Femoral profunda a.
  126. Ad Magnus Ext Head Origin
    Ramus and lower portion of ischial tuberosity
  127. Ad Magnus Ext Head Insertion
    Adductor tubercle of femur
  128. Ad Magnus Ext Head Action
    Extends thigh
  129. Ad Magnus Ext Head Nerve
    Tibial division of sciatic N.
  130. Ad Magnus Ext Head blood
    Femoral Profunda A.
  131. Vastus Lateralis Origin
    Intertrochanteric Line
  132. Vastus Lateralis Insertion
    Lateral margin of patella
  133. Vastus Lateralis Action
    Extends leg
  134. Vastus Lateralis Nerve
    Femoral N.
  135. Vastus Lateralis Blood
    Femoral A.
  136. Vastus Medialis Origin
    Intertrochanteric line
  137. Vastus Medialis Insertion
    Medial border of patella
  138. Vastus Medialis Action
    Extends leg
  139. Vastus Medialis Nerve
    Femoral N.
  140. Vastus Medialis Blood
    Femoral A.
  141. Vastus Intermedius Origin
    Anterior and lateral surface of upper 2/3 of femur
  142. Vastus Intermedius Insertion
    Deep aspect of quadriceps tendon
  143. Vastus Intermedius Action
    Extends the leg
  144. Vastus Intermedius Nerve
    Femoral n
  145. Vastus Intermedius Blood
    Femoral A.
  146. Rectus Femoris Origin
    Anterior head: Anterior inferior iliac spine
  147. Rectus Femoris Insertion
  148. Rectus Femoris Action
    Extends leg at knee
  149. Rectus Femoris Nerve
    Femoral N.
  150. Rectus Femoris Blood
    Femoral A.
  151. Sartorius Origin
    Anterior superior iliac spine and area directly below
  152. Sartorius Insertion
    Pes anserinus
  153. Sartorius Action
  154. Sartorius Nerve
    Femoral N.
  155. Sartorius Blood
    Femoral A.
  156. Tibialis Anterior Origin
    Lateral condyle of tibia
  157. Tibialis Anterior Insertion
    Medial side and plantar surface of medial cuneiform bone
  158. Tibialis Anterior Action
    Dorsiflexes and inverts foot
  159. Tibialis Anterior Nerve
    Deep peroneal n.
  160. Tibialis Anterior Blood
    Anterior tibial A.
  161. Extensor Hallucis Longus Origin
    Middle half of anterior surface of fibula and interosseous membrane
  162. Ext. Hallucis Longus Insertion
    Base of distal phalanx of great toe
  163. Ext. Hallucis Longus Action
    Extends and hyperextends great toe
  164. Ext Hallucis Longis Nerve
    Deep Peroneal N.
  165. Ext Hallucis Longus Blood
    Anterior Tibial A.
  166. Ext. Digitorum Longus Origin
    Upper 2/3 of anterior surface of fibula
  167. Ext Digitorum Longus Insertion
    Along dorsal surfaces of four lateral toes
  168. Ext Digitorum Longus Action
    Extends toes
  169. Ext Digitorum Nerve
    Deep Peroneal N.
  170. Ext Digitorum Blood
    Anterior Tibial A.
  171. Peroneus Tertius Origin
    Lower 1/3 of anterior surface of fibula
  172. Peroneus Tertius Insertion
    Dorsal surface of base of fifth metatarsal bone
  173. Peroneus Tertius Action
  174. Peroneus Tertius Nerve
    Deep Peroneal N.
  175. Peroneus Tertius Blood
    Anterior Tibial A.
  176. Gastrocs Origin
    Lateral head: lateral condyle and posterior surface of femur
  177. Gastrocs Insertion
    Posterior surface of calconeous
  178. Gastrocs Action
    Plantar flexes foot
  179. Gastrocs Nerve
    Tibial N.
  180. Gastrocs Blood
    Popliteal A.
  181. Soleus Origin
    Posterior surface of tibia
  182. Soleus Insertion
    Posterior surface of calcaenous
  183. Soleus Action
    Plantar flexes foot
  184. Soleus Nerve
    Tibial N.
  185. Soleus Blood
    Post. Tibial A.
  186. Plantaris Origin
    Lateral supracondylar ridge of femur
  187. Plantaris Insertion
    Posterior surface of calcaneous
  188. Plantaris Action
    Flexes leg
  189. Plantaris Nerve
    Tibial N.
  190. Plantaris Blood
    Post. Tibial A.
  191. Popliteus Origin
    Lateral surface of lateral condyle of femur
  192. Popliteus Insertion
    Upper part of posterior surface of tibia
  193. Popliteus Action
    Medially rotates and flexes leg
  194. Popliteus Nerve
    Tibial N.
  195. Popliteus Blood
    Popliteus A.
  196. Flexor Hallucis Longus Origin
    Lower 2/3 of posterior surface of shaft of fibula
  197. Flexor Hallucis Longus Insertion
    Base of distal phalanx of great toe
  198. Flexor Hallucis Longus Action
    Flexes distal phalanx of great toe
  199. Flexor Hallucis Longus Nerve
    Tibial N.
  200. Flexor Hallucis Longus Blood
    Posterior Tibial A.
  201. Flexor Digitorum Longus Origin
    Medial part of posterior surface of tibia
  202. Flexor Digitorum Longus Insertion
    On bases of distal phalanges of 2-5 toes
  203. Flexor Digitorum Longus Action
    Flexes distal phalanges of lateral 4 toes
  204. Flexor Digitorum Longus Nerve
    Tibial N.
  205. Flexor Digitorum Longus Blood
    Posterior Tibial A.
  206. Tibialis Posterior Origin
    Lateral part of posterior surface of tibia
  207. Tibialis Posterior Insertion
    Tuberosity of navicular bone
  208. Tibialis Posterior Action
    Plantar flexes and inverts foot.
  209. Tibialis Posterior Nerve
    Tibial N.
  210. Tibialis Posterior Blood
    Posterior Tibial A.
  211. Peroneus Longus Origin
    Upper 2/3 of lateral surface of fibula
  212. Peroneus Longus Inertion
    Lateral side of medial cuneiform bone
  213. Peroneus Longus Action
    Everts and plantar flexes foot
  214. Peroneus Longus Nerve
    Superifical Peroneal N.
  215. Peroneus Longus Blood
    Peroneal A.
  216. Peronus Brevis Origin
    Lower 2/3 of lateral surface of fibula
  217. Peroneus Brevis Insertion
    Lateral part of base of fifth metatarsal bone
  218. Peroneus Brevis Action
    Everts and plantar flexes foot
  219. Peroenus Brevis Nerve
    Superficial Peroneal N.
  220. Peroneus Brevis Blood
    Peroneal A.
  221. Ext Digitorum Brevis Origin
    Anterior and lateral surfaces of calcaneus
  222. Ext Digitorum Brevis Insertion
    Base of proximal phalanx of great toe
  223. Ext Digitorum Brevis Action
    Extends four toes
  224. Ext Digitorum Brevis Nerve
    Deep peroneal N.
  225. Ext Digitorum Brevis Blood
    Dorsalis Pedis A.
  226. Abductor Hallucis Origin
    Tuberosity of calcaneus
  227. Abductor Hallucis Insertion
    Medial side of base of proximal phalanx of great toe
  228. Abductor Hallucis Action
    Stabalizes great toe
  229. Abductor Hallucis Nerve
    Medial plantar N.
  230. Abductor Hallucis Blood
    Medial Plantar A.
  231. Flexor Digitorum Brevis Origin
    Tuberosity of calcaneus
  232. Flexor Digitorum Brevis Insertion
    Sides of middle phalanges of 2-5 toes
  233. Flexor Digitorum Brevis Action
    Flexes proximal phalanges and extends distal phalanges of toes 2-5
  234. Flexor Digitorum Brevis Nerve
    Medial Plantar N.
  235. Flexor Digitorum Brevis Blood
    Medial Plantar A.
  236. Abductor Digiti Minimi Origin
    Tuberosity of calcaneus
  237. Abductor Digiti Minimi Insertion
    Lateral side of of proximal phalanx of 5th toe
  238. Abductor Digiti Minimi Action
    Abducts fifth toe
  239. Abductor Digiti Minimi Nerve
    Lateral Plantar N.
  240. Abductor Digiti Minimi Blood
    Lateral Plantar A.
  241. Quadratus Plantae Origin
    Medial Head: medial surface of calcaneus
  242. Quadratus Plantae Insertion
    Lateral margin of tendons of flexor digitorum longus
  243. Quadratus Plantae Action
    Flexes terminal phalanges of 2-5th toes
  244. Quadratus Plantae Nerve
    Lateral Plantar N.
  245. Quadratus Plantae Blood
    Lateral Plantar A.
  246. Lumbricals Origin
    Tendons of flexor digitorum longus
  247. Lumbricals Insertion
    On dorsal surface of proximal phalanges
  248. Lumbricals Action
    Flexes proximal phalanges of 2-5th toe
  249. Lumbricals Nerve
    1st: medial plantar n
  250. Lumbricals Blood
    1st: medial plantar A
  251. Flexor Hallucis Brevis Origin
    Cuboid bone
  252. Flexor Hallucis Brevis Insertion
    Medial part: Medial side of base of proximal phalanx of great toe
  253. Flexor Hallucis Brevis Action
    Flexes proximal phalanx of great toe
  254. Flexor Hallucis Brevis Nerve
    Medial Plantar N.
  255. Flexor Hallucis Brevis Blood
    Medial Plantar A.
  256. Adductor Hallucis Origin
    Oblique head: 2-4 metatarsal bones
  257. Adductor Hallucis Insertion
    Lateral side of base of proximal phalanx of great toe
  258. Adductor Hallucis Action
    Stabalizes great toe
  259. Adductor Hallucis Nerve
    Lateral Plantar N.
  260. Adductor Hallucis Blood
    Lateral Plantar A.
  261. Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis Origin
    Base of fifth metatarsal bone
  262. Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis Insertion
    Lateral side of base of proximal phalanx of fifth toe
  263. Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis Action
    Flexes proximal phalanx of fifth toe
  264. Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis Nerve
    Lateral Planar N.
  265. Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis Blood
    Lateral Plantar A.
  266. Sternocleidomastoid Origin
    Sternal part: manubrium of sternum
  267. Sternocleidomastoid Insertion
    Mastoid process of temporal bone
  268. Sternocleidomastoid Action
    Unilaterally: Bends neck laterally and rotates head in opposite direction
  269. Sternocleidomastoid Nerve
    Spinal part of accessory nerve
  270. Sternocleidomastoid Blood
    Branches of external corotid A.
  271. Platysma Origin
    Subcutaneous fascia of upper fourth of chest just below clavicle
  272. Platysma Insertion
    Subcutaneous fascia and muscles of chin and jaw
  273. Platysma Action
    Depresses and draws lower lip laterally
  274. Platysma Nerve
    Cervical branch of facial Nerve
  275. Platysma Blood
    Transverse Cervical A and Ext Corotid A
  276. Temporalis Origin
    Temporal Fossa including frontal
  277. Temporalis Insertion
    Anterior border of ramus of mandible
  278. Temporalis Action
    Elevates and retracts mandible closing mouth
  279. Temporalis Nerve
    Mandibular Division of Trigeminal N.
  280. Temporalis Blood
    Branches of ext. corotid A.
  281. Masseter Origin
    Zygomatic process of maxilla
  282. Masseter Insertion
    Angle and ramus of mandible
  283. Masseter Action
    Elevates mandible closing mouth
  284. Masseter Nerve
    Mandibular Branch of Trigeminal N.
  285. Masseter Blood
    Branches of external corotid A.
  286. Traps origin
    Medial 3rd of superior nuchal line
  287. Traps insertion
    Upper: Lateral 3rd of clavicle
  288. Traps Action
    Upper: Elevation of scapula
  289. Traps Nerve
    Cranial Nerve 11
  290. Traps Blood
    Transverse Cervical Artery
  291. Lats Origin
    Spinous proccesses of lower six thoracic vertebrae and all lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Supraspinal ligament and iliac crest. Outer surface of lower 3-4 ribs. Inf. angle of scapula.
  292. Lats Insertion
    Bottom of interturburcular groove of humerous
  293. Lats Action
  294. Lats Nerve
    Thoracodorsal Nerve
  295. Lats Blood
    Thoracodorsal A.
  296. Levator Scapulae Origin
    Posterior tubercle of transverse processes of first four cervical vertebrae.
  297. Levator Scapulae Insertion
    Medial border of the scapula at and above spine.
  298. Lev Scap Action
    Elevates medial border of scapula
  299. Lev Scap Nerve
    Dorsal Scapular N.
  300. Lev Scap Blood
    Dorsal Scapular A.
  301. Rhomboid Major Origin
    Spines of 2-5 thoracic vertebrae
  302. Rhomboid Major Insertion
    Medial border of scapula below spine
  303. Rhomboid major Action
    Retracts and stabalizes scapula
  304. Rhomboid major nerve
    Dorsal scapular n.
  305. Rhomboid major blood
    Dorsal Scapular A.
  306. Rhomboid Minor Origin
    Spine of last cervical and first thoracic vertebrae
  307. Rhomboid minor insertion
    Medial border of scapula at root of spine
  308. Rhomboid minor action
    Retracts and stabalizes scapula
  309. Rhomboid minor nerve
    Dorsal Scapular N.
  310. Rhomboid Minor Blood
    Dorsal Scapular A.
  311. Serratus Posterior Superior Action
    Raises ribs during inspiration
  312. Ser Pos. Sup. Nerve
  313. Ser Pos Sup Blood
    Posterior Intercostal A.
  314. Ser Pos Inf Action
    Pulls ribs down
  315. Ser Pos Inf Nerve
  316. Ser Pos Inf Blood
    Posterior Intercostal A.
  317. Illiocostalis Action
    Extension and lateral flexion of vertebral column
  318. Illicostalis Nerve
    Dorsal primary division of spinal nerve
  319. Illiocostalis Blood
    Posterior intercostal and lumbar arteries
  320. Longissimus Action
    Extends and rotates head
  321. Longissimus Nerve
    Dorsal primary division of middle and lower cervical nerves
  322. Longissimus Blood
    Posterior intercostal and lumbar A.
  323. Spinalis Action
    Extension of vertebral column
  324. Spinalis Nerve
    Dorsal primary division of spinal nerve
  325. Pectoralis Major Origin
    Clavicular Part: Medial half of clavicle.Sternocostal part: Sternum
  326. Pec Major Insertion
    Lateral lip of interterburcular groove of humorous
  327. Pec Major Action
    Both together adduct and medially rotate arm
  328. Pec Major Nerve
    Lateral and Medial pectoral n.
  329. Pec Major Blood
    Pectoralis A.
  330. Pec Minor Origin
    External surfaces of 3
  331. Pec Minor Insertion
    Coracoid Process of scapula
  332. Pec Minor Action
    Draws scapula forward and downward. Raises ribs in forced inspiration.
  333. Pec Minor Nerve
    Medial Pectoral N.
  334. Pec Minor Blood
    Pectoral A.
  335. Subclavius Origin
    Juncture of first rib with its costal cartilage
  336. Subclavius Insertion
    Groove on the inferior surface of clavicle
  337. Subclavius Action
    Steadies the clavicle during movements of the shoulder girdle
  338. Subclavius Nerve
    N. to subclavius
  339. Subclavius Blood
    Clavicular branch of thoracoacromial trunk
  340. Serratus Anterior Origion
    Outer surfaces and superior borders of first 8 or 9 ribs
  341. Ser Ant Insertion
    Anterior surface of the medial border of the scapula
  342. Ser Ant Action
    Rotates scapula for abduction and flexion of the arm
  343. Ser Ant Nerve
    Long Thoracic N.
  344. Ser Ant Blood
    Lateral Thoracic A.
  345. Biceps Origin
    Long head: supraglenoid tubercle of scapula
  346. Biceps Insertion
    Tuberosity of radius
  347. Biceps Action
    Supination and flexion of forearm
  348. Biceps Nerve
    Musculocutaneous N.
  349. Biceps Artery
    Brachial A.
  350. Coracobrachialis Origin
    Tip of coracoid process of scapula
  351. Coracobrachialis Insertion
    Middle third of medial surface and border of humerus
  352. Coracobrachilais Action
    Weakly adducts arm and aids stabilizing of humerus
  353. Coracobrachilis Nerve
    Musculocutaneous N.
  354. Coracobrachialis Blood
    Brachial A.
  355. Brachialis Origin
    Anterior of lower half of humerus
  356. Brachialis Insertion
    Coronoid process of ulna
  357. Brachialis Action
    Flexes forearm
  358. Brachialis Nerve
    Musculocutaneous N.
  359. Brachialis Artery
    Brachial A.
  360. Triceps Origin
    Long head: infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
  361. Triceps Insertion
    Posterior part of olecrenon process of ulna
  362. Triceps Action
    Extends forearm
  363. Triceps Nerve
    Radial N.
  364. Triceps Blood
    Brachial Profunda A.
  365. Supraspinatus Origin
    Supraspinous fossa of scapula
  366. Supraspinatus Insertion
    Upper part of greater tuberosity of humerus
  367. Supraspinatus Action
    Aids deltoids with abduction of arm
  368. Supraspinatus Nerve
    Suprascapular N
  369. Supraspinatis Blood
    Suprascapular A.
  370. Infraspinatis Origin
    Infraspinous process of scapula
  371. Infraspinatis Insertion
    Middle facet of greater tuberosity of humerus
  372. Infraspinatis Action
    Draws humerus towards glenoid fossa
  373. Infraspinatis Nerve
    Suprascapular N.
  374. Infraspinaris Blood
    Suprascapular A.
  375. Teres minor origin
    Upper 2/3 of dorsal surface of axillary border of scapula
  376. Teres minor insertion
    Lower facet of greater tuberosity of humerus
  377. Teres minor action
    Laterally rotates arm
  378. Teres minor nerve
    Axillary N.
  379. Teres minor blood
    Posterior Circumflex Humoral Artery
  380. Subscapularis Origin
    Subscapular fossa of scapula
  381. Subscapularis Insertion
    Lesser tuberosity of humerus
  382. Subscapularis Action
    Medially rotates arm
  383. Subscapularis Nerve
    Upper and lower subscapular nerve
  384. Subscapularis Blood
    Circumflex Scapular Artery
  385. Deltoid Origin
    Anterior part: Anterior border and superior surface of lateral 3rd of clavicle
  386. Deltoid insertion
    Deltoid tuberosity
  387. Deltoid Action
    Anterior: Flexion and medial rotation
  388. Deltoid Nerve
    Axillary N.
  389. Deltoid Blood
    Posterior Humerul Circumflex Artery
  390. Teres Major Origin
    Lower 1/3 of posterior surface of lateral border of scapula
  391. Teres major insertion
    Medial lip of intertubucular groove of humerus
  392. Teres major action
  393. Teres major nerve
    Lower subscapular N
  394. Teres major Blood
    Circumflex scapular a.
  395. Pronater Teres Origin
    Humeral head: Medial supracondylar ridge and the medial epicondyle of the humerus
  396. Pronater Teres Insertion
    Middle of the lateral surface of the radius
  397. Pronater teres Action
    Pronates the forearm
  398. Pronater Teres Nerve
    Median N
  399. Pronater Teres Blood
    Ulnar A.
  400. FCR Origin
    Medial epicondyle of the humerus through the common tendon
  401. FCR Insertion
    Front of the bases of the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones
  402. FCR Action
    Flexes and abducts the hand
  403. FCR Nerve
    Median Nerve
  404. FCR Blood
    Ulnar A.
  405. Palmaris Longus Origin
    Medial epicondyle of the humerus through the common tendon
  406. Palmaris Longus Insertion
    Apex of the palmar aponeurosis
  407. Palmaris Longus Action
    Flexes hand
  408. Palmaris Longus Nerve
    Median N
  409. Palmaris Longus Blood
    Ulnar A.
  410. FCU Origin
    Humeral head:medial epicondyle of the humerus through the common tendon
  411. FCU Insertion
  412. FCU Action
    Flexion and adduction of hand
  413. FCU Nerve
    Ulnar N.
  414. FCU Blood
    Ulnar A.
  415. FDS Origin
    Humeroulnar head: Medial epicondyle of the humerus through the common tendon
  416. FDS Insertion
    The four tendons split into 2 slips each
  417. FDS Action
    Flexes the middle phalanges of fingers
  418. FDS Nerve
    Median N
  419. FDS Blood
    Ulnar A.
  420. Pronater Quadratus Origin
    Anterior surface of the distal part of the shaft of the ulna
  421. Pronater Quadratus Insertion
    Lower portion of the anerior surface of the shaft of the radius
  422. Pronater Quadratus Action
    Pronates the forearm and hand
  423. Pronater Quadratus Nerve
    Median N
  424. Pronater Quadratus Blood
    Anterior Interosseus A.
  425. Flexor pollicus longus origin
    Middle of anterior surface of the shaft of the radius
  426. Flexor pollicus longus Insertion
    Palmar aspect of base of distal phalanx of thumb
  427. Flexor pollicus longus action
    flexes thumb
  428. Flexor pollicus longus Nerve
    Median N
  429. FPL Blood
    Anterior interosseus A.
  430. FDP Origin
    Upper 3/4 of anterior and medial surface of shaft of ulna and medial side of coronoid process
  431. FDP Insertion
    Front of base of Distal phalanges of four finger
  432. FDP Action
    Flexes distal phalanges
  433. FDP Nerve
    Medial: Ulnar nerve
  434. FDP Blood
    Anterior Interosseus A.
  435. Brachioradialis Origin
    Upper 2/3 of the lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus
  436. Brachioradialis Insertion
    Base of styloid process and lateral surface of radius
  437. Brachioradialis Action
    flexes forearm
  438. Brachioradialis Nerve
    Radial Nerve Proper
  439. Brachioradialis Blood
    Radial A.
  440. ECRL Origin
    Lower 1/3 of the lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus.
  441. ECRL Insertion
    Dorsal surface of base of 2nd metacarpal bone
  442. ECRL Action
    Extends the hand
  443. ECRL Nerve
    Radial Nerve Proper
  444. ECRL Blood
    Radial A.
  445. ECRB Origin
    Lateral epicondyle of humerus
  446. ECRB Insertion
    Dorsal surface of third metacarpal bone
  447. ECRB Action
    Extends hand
  448. ECRB Nerve
    Deep radial nerve
  449. ECRB BLood
    Radial A.
  450. ED Origin
    Common tendon of lateral epicondyle of humerus
  451. ED Insertion
    Lateral and dorsal surfaces of all philanges of four fingers
  452. ED Action
    Extension of fingers and wrist
  453. ED Nerve
    Deep radial N.
  454. ED Blood
    Radial A.
  455. EDM Origin
    Common tendon of lateral epicondyle of humerus
  456. EDM Insertion
    Dorsal surface of base of first phalanx of 5th finger
  457. EDM Action
    Extends 5th finger
  458. EDM Nerve
    Deep radial N.
  459. EDM Blood
    Radial A.
  460. ECU Origin
    Common tendon of lateral epicondyle ridge of humerus
  461. ECU Insertion
    Dorsal surface of the base of the 5th metacarpal bone
  462. ECU Action
    Extends hand
  463. ECU Nerve
    Deep radial N.
  464. ECU Blood
    Radial A.
  465. Supinator Origin
    Lateral epicondyle of the humerus
  466. Supinator Insertion
    Dorsal and lateral surface of upper third of radius.
  467. Supinator Action
    Supinates forearm
  468. Supinator Nerve
    Deep radial N
  469. Supinator Blood
    Posterior IO A.
  470. Extensor Indicus Origin
    Posterior surface of ulna and adjacent interosseus membrane
  471. Extensor indicus Insertion
    Extensor expansion on dorsal surface of the proximal phalanx of the index finger
  472. Extensor Indicus Action
    Extends index finger
  473. Extensor Indicus Nerve
    Deep radial nerve
  474. Extensor indicus blood
    Posterior INterosseus A.
  475. Ab. Pollicus Longus Origin
    Posterior surface of shaft of radius
  476. Ab. Pollicus Longus Insertion
    Dorsal surface of base of first metacarpal bone
  477. Ab. Pollicus Longus Action
  478. Ab. Pollicus Longus Nerve
    Deep radial N.
  479. Ab Pollicus Longus Blood
    Posterior Interosseus A
  480. Ext. Pollicus Brevis Origin
    Posterior surface of radius and adjacent part of interosseus membrane.
  481. Ext. Pollicus Brevis Insertion
    base of proximal phalanx of thumb
  482. Ext. Pollicus Brevis Action
    Extension of thumb
  483. Ext. Pollicus Brevis Nerve
    Deep radial N
  484. Ext Pollicus Brevis Blood
    Posterior Interosseus A
  485. Ext. Pollicus Longus Origin
    Middle third of dorsal surface of ulna
  486. Ext. Policus Longus Insertion
    Dorsal surface of base of distal phalanx of thumb.
  487. Ext. Policus Longis Action
    Extends thumb
  488. Ext. pollicus Longus nerve
    Deep radial N.
  489. Ext. Pollicus longus blood
    Posterior IO A.
  490. Flex Pol Brevis Origin
    Flexor Retinaculum and trapezium
  491. Flex Pol Brev Insertion
    Base of proximal phalanx of thumb
  492. Flex Pol Brev Action
    Flexes MCP joint of thumb
  493. Flex Pol Brevis Nerve
    Lateral portion: Median N
  494. Flex Pol Brev Blood
    Superficial Radial A.
  495. Ab. Pol Brevis Origin
    Tubercle of the scaphoid and tubercle of the trapezium
  496. Ab Pol Brev Insertion
    Base of proximal phalanx of thumb
  497. Ab Pol Brev Action
    Abducts and anteriorly moves thumb
  498. Ab Pol Brev Nerve
    Median N.
  499. Ab Pol Brev Blood
    Superficial Radial A
  500. Opponens Pollicus Origin
    Flexor retinaculum
  501. Opponens Pol Insertion
    Lateral border of the first metacarpal bone.
  502. Opponens Pol Action
    Rotates the thumb in opposition with fingers
  503. Opponens Pollicus Nerve
    Median N.
  504. Opponens Pollicus blood
    Superficial Radial A.
  505. Ad. Pollicus origin
    Oblique head: anterior surface of the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones
  506. Ad. Pollicus insertion
    Medial border of base of proximal phalanx of thumb
  507. Ad Pollicus Action
    Adducts thumb
  508. Ad Pollicus Nerve
    Median N
  509. Ad pollicus Blood
    Superficial Radial A.
  510. Ab Digiti Minimi Origin
    Pisiform bone
  511. Ab Digiti Minimi Insertion
    Medial side of base of proximal phalanx of 5th metacarpal bone
  512. Ab Digiti Minimi Action
    Abducts 5th finger
  513. Ab Digiti Minimi Nerve
    Ulnar N
  514. Ab Digiti Minimi Blood
    Ulnar A
  515. Flex Digi Minimi Origin
    Anterior surface of felxor retinaculum
  516. Flex Dig Min Insertion
    Medial side of base of prox phalanx of 5th metacarpal
  517. Flex Dig Min Action
    Flexes MCP joints of fifth finger
  518. Flex dig min Nerve
    Ulnar N
  519. Flex dig min Blood
    Ulnar A
  520. Opponens Dig Min Origin
    Anterior surface of flexor retinaculum
  521. Opp. Dig Min Insertion
    Whole length of medial border of 5th metacarpal bone
  522. Opp Dig Min action
    Rotates 5th mc bone
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