Daniel Review Test II

  1. What is the Probable date for the vision of Daniel 7?
    1 - 553 B.C.

    2 - 1st year of Belshazzar king of Babylon
  2. The Probable date of the vision of Daniel 7 is 553 B.C.

    Why is it not possible to be certain about this date?
    - We can know that it comes between chapters 4 and 5 While Belshazzar is ruling.

    - The genre of the chapter has influenced the arrangement of the book

    this is why we can't be certain.
  3. What is Accronym for 9 Similarities/differences Between Dan.2 and Dan. 7
    DENS LAE Double D (DD)

    • Dream
    • Encoded revelation
    • Not immediately comprehensible
    • Sequence of 4

    • Last is exceptional
    • Act of judgment
    • Everlasting kingdom

    • Disquieting to Daniel
    • Divinely guided Interpreter
  4. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in
    In Daniel 2:1- Nebuchadnezzar had a Dream and was troubled


    Daniel 7:1 - Daniel had a dream, visions passed through his mind, and he wrote down the dream
  5. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in

    Encoded revelation
    Daniel 2:31-35 - The King saw a great metal man with different metals and it had an encoded meaning.

    Daniel 7:2 - Daniel saw four winds of heaven stirring up the sea. Plus four beast. Also and encoded meaning.
  6. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in

    Not immediately comprehensible
    Daniel 2:5-6 - The King called his wise men because he wanted to know the Dream and the interpretation.

    Daniel 7:15-16 - Daniel's spirit was distressed because he didn't know the interpretation of his vision and so he approached one of the ones standing next to him to ask for the interpretation.
  7. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in

    Sequence of 4
    Daniel 2 - You have a Metal man with four different metals

    Daniel 7 - You have 4 different beast.
  8. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in


    Last is exceptional

    Daniel 2:40-43 - The last element - More time is dedicated to it. Iron crushes and shatters all things. 10 toes, Iron mixed with Clay - Divided Kingdom.

    Daniel 7:7 - Last beast (fourth) terryfying and extrememly strong, no real description of animal, devoured and crushed and trampled with its feet. Different from the beast before it. It had 10 horns.
  9. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in


    Act of judgment

    Daniel 2:34,35,40 - There was a stone cut out w/out hands and it crushed the image. and the Rock filled the whole earth

    • Daniel 7:9,10 -
    • -The Ancient of Days took His seat,
    • -His throne was ablaze with flames,
    • -A river of fire was flowing and coming out from before Him,
    • -Thousands upon throusands were attending Him
    • -Books were opened.
  10. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in D

    Everlasting kindgom

    Daniel 2:44,45 - In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed.

    Daniel 7:13-14 - Daniel kept looking in the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man was coming - Came up to the Ancient of Days - and To Him was given domininon, Glory and a kingdom, which is everlasting and will not pass away.
  11. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in



    Disquieting to King/Daniel
    Daniel 2:3 - The King's spirit was anxious to understand the dream

    Daniel 7:15 - Daniel's spirit was distressed within me, and the vision in his mind kept alarming him.
  12. What is the Similaritie between Daniel 2 and 7 in



    Divinely guided interpreter
    Daniel 2:19, 27-28 - the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision.

    Daniel 7:16 - One of those standing next to Daniel made the interpretation known to Daniel after Daniel asked him.
  13. What 3 other comparisons are there between Daniel 2-7
    - Daniel 2 points only to political Entities

    - Daniel 7 brings out spiritual qualities

    - We can use Daniel 2 and 7 to interpret each other.
  14. What is the Structure of Daniel 7 Regarding Vision?
    - 4 Winds of heaven stirring up great sea

    - 4 beast coming our from sea (Different from each other)

    - First was like Lion and had eagles wings. - Plucked out - stading like man

    - Second was bear - Raised up on one side - 3 ribs in mouth between teeth - they said - Arise, devour much meat-

    -Third was leapord - with four wigns of a bird - four heads - dominion was given to it.

    - Fourth Beast - dreadful, terrifying, and exceedingly strong, - Large Iron teeth -devoured crushed and trampled, it was different from all the other beast before, it had ten horns

    - While beholding horn - another little horn came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by roots before it, --- Horn had eyes like man, mouth uttering great boasts.

    - Kept looking until thrones were set up , Ancient of Days took His seat , His throne was with flames, Thousands upon thousands were attending Him, books were opened

    - Daniel kept looking because of sound of boastful words which horn was speaking. Kept looking until beast was slain, body was destroyed and given to burning fire.

    - Rest of the beast dominion was taken away - but extension of life was granted to them for an appointed period of time.

    - Kept looking and in clouds of heaven One like the Son of Man was coming, Came up to the Ancient of Days, and was presented before Him, - given Dominion, Glory, and a kingdom that people of every nation and language might serve him, His dominion is everlasting, will not pass away, will not be destroyed.
  15. Who was Justinian?
    - In A.D. 533 in letter "Code of Justinian", Justinian declared Bishop of Rome head over all churches.

    - Recognized Pope's influence in eliminating heretics.

    - When his Jeneral Belisarius liberated rome in A.D. 538, bishop of Rome was freed from the Ostrogoths, whose Arianism resulted in restricting developing Catholic Church.

    - Bishops could exercise the prerogatives Justinian's decree of A.D. 533 Granted him.

    - He could increase authority of "Holy See"

    - Thus began 1260 years of persecution as Bible Prophecy foretold.
  16. Who was Belisarius?
    In about 530 Justinian became concerned so:

    - He sent his army led by Belisarius to go and wipe out the Vendels in northern Africa.

    After this finished Belsarious was to move to Italy and take over Ostrogoths

    He was outnumbered but was able to take Rome and inhabit it

    Part of excuse for taking out these 3 groups was both because they were powerful politically but also rejected divinity of Christ.
  17. Who was Berthier?
    538 + 1260 = 1798

    - General Berthier opposed pope in 1798

    - There had been debate over authority of pope for quarter century

    - Change was gradual

    - But definetly distinct big events that took place in 538 and 1798

    - Pope is taken as judgment from God because they blasphemed Him and attempt change times / laws, and wear out saints

    - It is system that is judged and not individuals.
  18. Who was Alexander Great?
    - Conquered world very rapidly

    - 4 Heads represented division into 4 regiouns divided among his four generals

    - Alexander had a son, Alexander II, was born about 2 months after Alexander died

    - He was assasinated by a general.

    - After conflict between generals it was then divided up into four.
  19. What is the Central Issue of Daniel 7
    - The little horn and its religious activity in relation to God.

    The little horn was different

    - Papal state is both religious and political

    - They claim to be different

    - They claim to have authority over all Christiandom

    - 538 the Pope officially became a political ruler .
  20. What nations are represented by the four animals of Dan. 7?
    • Lion - Babylon
    • Wings - Speed of conquest
    • They were plucked signifying no more seed

    Bear - Media Persia

    Leopard - Greece
  21. Why does Daniel pay so much attention to the nations represented by the four beast


    ignore other great nations of history?
    1 - He pays attention because all these countries at one time controlled the land where God's people lived

    2 - He ignored other nations because after Rome, the Jews were no longer exclusively God's people, thus this land was not any longer of significances
  22. What is represented by the horns of the fourth animal?
    Other animals didn't have horns

    Babylon ceased to be a nation when it fell

    Persia ceased to be an empire

    The hellenistic empires were swallowed up by Rome

    Rome was not swallowed up but divided
  23. How do the horns in the fourth beast correspond to its historical fulfillment?
    1 - Barbarians were absorbed into Roman empire

    2 - Barbarians became emperors of Rome and were citizens

    These emperors eventually broke off of Rome and

    3 - Rome broke into pieces and these various pieces became nations

    4 - Rome was eventually broken into several parts

    5 - Charlemagne attempted to reunite western Rome but not the whole thing

    6 - Key point is that Rome was separated into parts and not conquered by other nations.
  24. How many kingdoms were formed from the breakup of the Roman empire?
    10 horns = 10 kings

    another horn - new horn is different.
  25. What characteristics of the "extra horn" of the fourth animal in Dan. 7 enable us to identify it?
    1 - little horn

    2 - Different from others

    3 - Persecutes saints

    4 - Speaks great things agains the most high

    5 - Time, times, 1/2 time

    6 - Tries to Change times and Laws

    7 - Began small but became large

    8 - Uproots three horns

    9 - Has eyes and mouth
  26. How does the little horn relate to God?
    - This horn tries to take the Place of God here on earth

    - Speaks against God,

    - Attacks God's people

    - Tries to Change times and laws
  27. What is represented by the 3 horns that were uprooted


    With what can these be identified Historically
    1 - Vandals, Ostrogoths, Heruli

    2 -

    - Herules took over Italy Basically

    - Zino gave the Ostrogoths permission to move into Italy and to wipe out the Herules - That held things down for about 50 years

    - about 530 Justinian became concerned

    Sent his army led by Belisarius to go and wipe out Vandels in Northern Africa

    - After this Belisarius was to move to Italy and take over Ostrogoths

    was outnumbered but was able to take Rome and inhabit it

    • - part of excuse for taking out these 3 groups was because
    • they were politically powerful and rejected divinity of Christ

    - 538 bc the Pope officially became the political Ruler
  28. What are the 1260 days?
    This represents 1260 years
  29. What other Biblical indications help us to define and identify the 1260 days?
    1 - Rev 12: 1260 days - Woman in Wilderness

    2 - Rev 11: 1260 days

    3 - Time, Times, half time = 3 1/2

    4 - 42 Months = 3 1/2 = 1260 days

    Jews considered a regular month to have 30 days and regular year to have 12 months.
  30. When does the period of the 1260 days begin and end?
    Began In 538 - When Pope officially became political Ruler.

    Has to do with Justinian naming Biship of Rome as Head of the Church - around 535 - 536 but 538 is when it became effective

    Ended in 1798 - When General Berthier opposed the Pope in 1798
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