Animal Diversity Test 2-Mollusca

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  1. Mollusca characteristics
    • -Sluggish to very swift
    • -Includes squids, oysters, octopus, slugs, snails, clams
    • -50,000 species
    • -Soft bodied
    • -Microscopic to 18 meters long
  2. Mollusca general characteristics
    • -True coelom
    • -All organ systems present
    • -Open circulatory system
    • -Closed circulatory system in some cephalopods
    • -Mantle-secretes shell
    • -Radula and muscular foot
    • -Marine, freshwater, terrestrial
  3. Mollusca are used for
    • -Food
    • -Pearl production
  4. Mollusca bad because
    • Destructions
    • -Shipworms damage wooden ships
    • Intermediate host for parasites (snails)
    • Slugs damage crops
  5. Mesentaries do what?
    Hold organs in place
  6. Coelom
    • Body cavity with parietal peritoneum (mesodermal epithelium)
    • Allows for extensive organ development
    • Allows organs not to crowd other organs
  7. Coelom general characteristics
    • -Filled with coelomic fluid
    • Transports nutrients and wastes in small organisms
    • Allows for networks of blood vessels
    • Acts as a hydrostatic skeleton
  8. In molluska, coelom is not highly developed..why?
    Limited to space around heart and gonads
  9. Molluska picture
    Image Upload 1
  10. Most active region of mullusca
    • Head-foot
    • -Ventral
  11. Head-foot region made-up of
    • -Feeding organs
    • -Specialized sensory organs (simple to complex eyes)
    • -Locomotor organs
  12. Radula
    • Tongue-like organ
    • Teeth point backwards to tear off food
    • -Not found in bivalves
    • Acts as a conveyor belt to digestive tract
    • Teeth are replaced with new
  13. Pattern and number of teeth on radula are
    • Specific to species and are used for classification purposes
    • up to 250,000 teeth
  14. Foot is
    • Posterior to mouth
    • Locomotion
    • Attachment to substratum
    • -Siphon=modified foot. Found in cephalopods (squids/octopus)
    • For jet propulsion
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