Physics Exam 2

  1. Newton's Laws of Motion
    • I. If no net forces act on an object then its speed and direction do not change
    • (Speed and Direction --> Velocity)
    • II. Fnet= ma **Net force = mass x acceleration (acceleration = 0 when velocity is constant)
    • III. If two bodies interact, the force on each other are: 1) equal in magnitude and 2) opposite in direction
  2. A moving object with an applied net force suddenly has the net force removed. which statement below about this object is true?
    A) The object comes to an abrupt stop
    B) It slows down and then comes to rest
    C) It continues moving at constant velocity
    D) It speeds up
    C (a=0)
  3. You are an astronaut in space. You fire your jetpack to move around outside your spaceship. When you turn off your jetpack...

  4. An object is moving at constant velocity. Which statement below about this object is true?
    A) It experiences a net force in the direction of motion
    B) It experiences a net force opposite to the direction of motion
    C) It experiences no net force
    D) It experiences no forces
    C (a=0)
  5. A book is resting on the surface of a table. Consider the following four forces that arise in this situation
    1. The force of the earth pulling on the book
    2. The force of the table pushing on the book
    3. The force of the book pushing on the table
    4. The force of the book pulling on the earth
    Which two forces form an "action-reaction" pair which obey Newton's third law?
    1 and 4
  6. A normal force of a book on a table is always:

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