Sociology: Education

  1. Difference between overt and covert curriculums?
    • Overt: math, english history. GIVEN.
    • Covert: school becames Social Institution. HIDDEN.
  2. Details on Covert...
    • information IS. knowledge DOES.
    • becomes coproduced by society.
    • reproduce unequal social structure.
  3. Details on Covert...
    • use the Banking Method.
    • students: empty vessels.
    • filled with INFORMATION. not knowledge.
    • establishes passive consumption.
  4. Passive consumption:
    • teaches us that we CANNOT transform society.
    • there is no human agency.
    • simply reproduce inequality.
  5. What is "human agency"?
    the ability to act or change reality.
  6. What are "agents of socialization"? Examples.
    • those who influence us on the ways we act within society.
    • media, family, church, school.
  7. Cultural capital...
    • passed down in terms of inheritance.
    • like stocks and bonds.
    • education system reproduces this.
    • ex: SAT/ACT (written to reflect particular society).
  8. The educational system creates...
    same, deformed society.
  9. Major examples of the deformed educational system:
    • Catcher of the Rye.
    • Pink Floyd.
    • speak of society become replicated.
    • deformed.
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