1. lymph system
    • separate set of vessles that carry lymph
    • *one way system
  2. Lymph
    Fluid in tissue that contains proteins and other substances
  3. thoracic duct
    empties lymph from 3/4 the body
  4. cisterna chyli
    storage pouch off the thoracic duct
  5. 3 structures that return lymph to the blood
    • right lymphatic duct
    • thoracic duct
    • cisterna chyli
  6. lacteals
    specialized lymph capillaries in the small intestine that absorb fat
  7. lymphedema
    swelling from a blockage int he lymph system
  8. lymphangitis
    inflimmation of the lymph system
  9. lymph node
    structure that filters lymph
  10. 2 main types of lympoma
    • hodgkin disease
    • non-Hodgkin
  11. lymphatic organs
    • thymus
    • tonsils
    • spleen
  12. tonsils - 3 pairs
    • palatine
    • lingual
    • pharyngeal-adenoids
  13. spleen
    • largest lymph organ
    • located in the Upper Right Quadrant
  14. 2 types of immunity
    • specific
    • nonspecific
  15. nonspecific immunity
    • attacks any irritant or invader
    • examples - skin tears and mucous
  16. antigen
    substance that causes the body to make antibodies against it
  17. antibodies
    produced by the body to destroy a specific antigen *always specific
  18. cells that produce antibodies
    B lymphocytes
  19. Plasma cells
    Name given to activated B Lymphocytes
  20. Natural active immunity
    getting the flu and the body making antibodies
  21. Artificial active immunity
    getting the flu shot to develope antibodies
  22. Site where stem cells mature into T lymphocytes
  23. signs of inflammation
    • redness
    • swelling
    • heat
    • pain
  24. allergy
    hypersensitivity to antigens
  25. autoimmunity
    inappropriate excessive response to self-antigens
  26. isoimmunity
    excessive reaction to antigens from another human (transplant rejection)
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