Volume 1 Chapter 5

  1. What is epidemiology?
    The study of factors that influence the cause frequency and distribution of injury, disease and other health-related events.
  2. How do you calculate years of productive life?
    Subtract the age of death from 65.
  3. What is injury?
    Intentional or unintentional physical damange to a person from any outside force.
  4. What is injury-risk?
    A real or potentially hazardous situation that puts people in danger of sustaining injury.
  5. What is an injury-surveillance program?
    The ongoing systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of injury data used for planning and prevention.
  6. What are Teachable Moments?
    The time shortly after an injury or incident where responders or those involved are aware of what happened and are able to talk about how similiar incidents could be prevented.
  7. What is primary, secondary and tertiary prevention?
    • Primary Prevention: keeping an injury from ever occuring
    • Secondary Prevention: medical care after an injury or illness that helps prevent future problems
    • Tertiary Prevention: rehablilitation after an injury or illness that helps prevent futher problems
  8. What are the aspects of organizational commitment?
    Assure the protection of EMS providers, Provide initial and continuing education, Collect and distribute data, Provide financial support, Empower EMS personnel.
  9. What are the aspects of the EMS provder commitment?
    Use standard precautions, Maintan physical fitness, Use proper lifiting and moving techniques, Manage all types of stress, Seek professional help when needed, Drive safely, Assess and maintain scene safety.
  10. What is the most frequent cause of injury in children younger than 6? How many are killed?
    Falls. 200 per year.
  11. What is the most preventable type of injury in the geriatric population?
  12. What is the most prevelent cause of workplace injury?
    Back injuries. 22% of workplace injuries.
  13. What fraction of fatal injuries are intentional?
  14. Alcohol is a factor in what fraction of MVCs?
    About 1/2
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