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  1. A musical staff consists of how many lines?
  2. In 1994, due to heavy rainfall, this major waterway of the continental U.S. flooded. What river meets the Gulf of Mexico at a vast delta in Louisiana?
    The Mississippi River
  3. Name the predicate adjective in the following sentence: George Washington was very successful at farming.
  4. What structure of the cell might be called the cell's "command central"?
  5. Many English words have been borrowed from other languages. What word, borrowed from the Aztecs of Mexico, means, "a powder made from the cocoa bean"?
  6. There are three types of blood vessels in the human body. Identify the vessels that take blood away from the heart.
  7. Stephen Foster wrote "Old Folks at Home," which tells about the Suwanee River, a river that rises in southern Georgia and flows into what southern state?
  8. A region may have a dry one or a wet one. It may be warm or cold. It has a great deal to do with what plants and animals live there. What is the name of the year-round weather of a region?
  9. If a number is doubled and its product is two less than 50, what was the original number?
  10. In what field of work did Charlie Chaplin become famous?
    Acting (silent movies)
  11. What document is called "the highest law of the land?"
    U.S. Constitution
  12. Granite is an example of which main type of rock?
  13. In which U.S. state is the 5,000 square mile wilderness area known as the Everglades, whose fragile ecosystem has been under attack from both the natural and human demands?
  14. Give the chemical formula for water
  15. Identify the type of sentence illustrated by the following example: Come and pick this up.
    Imperative (command)
  16. If Shane had 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 7 pennies, how much money does he have?
  17. Which term refers to the period in American history from 1865 to 1877 following the Civil War?
  18. Which science deals with the composition, motions, and positions of the sun, moon, planets, stars and other objects in the skies, and their relation to the earth?
  19. Give the product of 20 and 40
  20. A ball with a representation of the earth on its surface is the most common representation of the Earth. What is it called?
  21. The United States observes several patriotic holidays. What holiday honors those who served in our armed forces?
    Veterans Day
  22. In 1973, war broke out between some of the Arab countries and Israel. Because the United States supported Israel, what Arab export was reduced, causing an energy crisis in the United States?
    (crude) Oil
  23. Examples of this writing technique are "chirp", "buzz," and "whir." Many authors use words that imitate sounds to help readers hear what is happening. What is this called?
    ononmatopoeia (an-a-mat-a-PEE-ya)
  24. This question requires a multiple answer. What words should be capitalized in the following sentence: my dog sparky likes to ride in the car.
    My and Sparky
  25. What term is used to refer to guitars that are nonelectric?
  26. Kentucky has three major river borders. Name the river that forms the border between Kentucky and Indiana.
    The Ohio River
  27. Sulfuric acid and nitric acid are causing pollution to the earth's water supply and the surrounding environment by killing plants and animals. Name this form of precipitation that is carried from coal-burning industries to the northeastern states by the wind.
    acid rain
  28. The Brown family wanted to make money for Christmas. They found a project to make wooden bears to sell at a craft show. The cost of maaterials was $55.75. The total of their sales was $175.75. How much profit did they make?
  29. Adieu is the french word meaning what?
  30. Find the perimeter of a rectangle having a length of 12 feet and a width of 7 feet.
    38 feet
  31. The Grand Ole Opry House is located in which Tennessee city, home of country music?
  32. If X=9, what is the value of 3X + 4?
  33. Five horizontal parallel lines and the spaces between them on which musical notation is written is known as what?
  34. Identify the American astronaut known for saying, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" as he stepped on the moon in 1969.
    Neil Armstrong
  35. Identify the American who made his fortune with the San Francisco Examiner and many other forms of journalism.
    William Randolph Hearst
  36. Give the term referring to an animal that cannot control its body temperature.
  37. Convert 3 liters into milliliters
    3,000 milliliters
  38. Name the Edward Lear poem in which the gingham dog and the calico cat are the main characters.
    The Duel
  39. Suppose you're going to travel in France. What document do you need to prove you're and American citizen?
  40. Elvis Presley's former Memphis residence is visited by fans from around the world. Give the name of this famous landmark.
  41. Give the term referring to a frozen chunk of ice and rock that orbits the sun.
  42. Name the American legend who hit 60 homeruns for the New York Yankees in 1927?
    Babe Ruth (George Herman Ruth)
  43. What holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of January? It is the birthday of the speaker known for his "I Have a Dream" speech.
    Martin Luther King Day
  44. Give the term referring to a grove of fruit trees.
  45. What does the Roman Numeral IV mean?
  46. In 1607, English colonists founded Jamestown in present-day Virginia. Who was their leader?
    John Smith
  47. Name the architect who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    Maya Ying Lin
  48. The liquid part of blood that consists mostly of water is known as what?
  49. Identify the famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin that shows a seated man with his head resting upon his hand.
    The Thinker
  50. The distance between the numbers on a bar graph is five. What is the term for this distance?
  51. What man was responsible for the law that states "FOr every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?"
    Sir Isaac Newton
  52. Multiple answer required. Name any two of the three nations that President George W. Bush labeled as an "axis of evil" in a speech in January 2002/
    Iraq, Iran, North Korea
  53. Give the name for conversation or talking between two characters in a story. It is usually enclosed in quotation marks.
  54. In the words recycle, reduce, reuse, what does re- mean?
  55. A skull and crossbones on a container indicates that the substance inside is what?
  56. Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine for what disease in the mid 1950's?
  57. What mathematical expression represents the following phrase. R increased by 2.
    R plus 2 or 2 plus R
  58. Give the term for a group of sentences that tells about one subject or idea.
  59. Give the term for where or when a story takes place.
  60. What is the name of the two large chambers located in the bottom part of the heart of a human?
  61. What ten letter term is the first step of the writing process?
  62. what type of art work creates a profile of a person filled in with a solid color?
  63. What is the name for a business with multiple owners that sells shares of stock to investors?
  64. What force slows down or stops moving objects?
  65. Consider the following number sequence; 6, 11, 15, 18, 20, 21 and so on. What is the next number in the sequence?
  66. What type of sentence is the following: How are you doing?
  67. Identify the art of making objects with clay to produce pottery and sculpture.
  68. Which amendment to the constitution protects people's rights to own weapons?
  69. Which planet is closest to the sun?
  70. A green bag contains six red marbles, two yellow marbles, and four blue marbles. What is the probability of pulling a yellow marble from the bag?
    one sixth or one out of six
  71. What part of speech are the words Ow! Wow! and Oh!
  72. Multiple answers required. What are the three dimensions that make up the art element of form?
    Length, width, depth
  73. What city is home to the Kentucky History Museum and the State Capitol Building?
  74. What scientific term refers to all the organisms of the same kind that live in the same place?
  75. D plus F ewquals F plus D is an exampleof which property of addition?
    Commutative (of addition)
  76. In what book by Patricia MacLachlan do Anna and Caleb learn to love their father's "mail-order bride?"
    Sarah Plain and Tall
  77. P times zero equals zero and zero times P equals zero are examples of which property of multiplication?
    (Property of) Zero
  78. In what city would you be traveling if you visited the Empire State Building and the former site of the World Trade Center?
    New York or Manhattan
  79. What is the name of the green material in plants that absorbs energy from sunlight?
  80. A humorous poem written in 5 lines and having a rhyme scheme of AABBA is called what?
  81. What punctuation mark ends an exclamatory sentence?
    exclamation point
  82. What is the result when you multiply 5 times 13?
  83. His dentist and sister appear in front of a farm house in which artist's most famous painting?
    (grant) Wood
  84. The number of students in a class, and how many houses in a neighborhood are examples of numerical information. What term identifies this type of information?
  85. who was the inventor of the telephone?
    Alexander Graham Bell
  86. Identify the leader of the al Qaeda terrorist network who seemingly remains at large nearly a year and a half after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America.
    Osama Bin Laden
  87. It is often called the color of musical sound. Name the element of music that is affected by the material, shape, and size of a sound source.
  88. In what book by Sharon Creech does Salamanca Tree Hiddle trace her mother's disappearance?
    Walk Two Moons
  89. Although addends can be grouped differently, their sum is always the same. What is the name of this property?
    Associative (property of addition) or Grouping (property of addition)
  90. Groups of cells form the parts of your body. What is a group of the same kind of cells called?
  91. Which region of Kentucky was named for a man who would later become the seventh U.S. persident?
    Jackson Purchase
  92. The development of Christian church music traces its existence to which musical and historical period that occured in Europe between A.D. 500 and 1450?
    Middle Ages (Medieval)
  93. In the popular lullaby "Hush Little Baby" what kind of bird does Papa buy the baby?
  94. Which part of a plant takes in water and minerals, and anchors the plant in the ground?
  95. What Kentucky town is recognized as the first permanent settlement in the state?
  96. State the name for a furnace in which clay is fired in order to harden it.
  97. what are the three common states of matter on earth?
    solids, liquids, gasses
  98. Identify the term for a group of workers who join together in a group to improve their working conditions.
    Labor unions
  99. Repetition is used to create what principle of art design?
  100. what do we call words that join words, phrases or clauses?
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