Bony Thorax

  1. What Level is the Jugular Notch Located?
  2. What Level is the Sternal Angle Located?
    At the level of the disk space between T4-T5
  3. What Level is the Xiphoid Process Located at?
  4. What Does the Bony Thorax Consist of?
    • 1). Sternum
    • 2). Thoracic Vertebrae
    • 3). 12 Pairs of Ribs
  5. Is the Sternum More Anterior or Posterior Compared to the Thoracic Vertebrae?
  6. Is the Thoracic Vertebrae More Anterior or Posterior Compared to the Sternum?
  7. When Does the Xiphoid Process Become Totally Ossified?
    At the age of 40
  8. What is the Only Bone Connection Between Each Shoulder Girdle and the Bony Thorax?
    Sternoclavicular Joint
  9. The Inferior Rib (Costal) Angle Corresponds to What Level?
  10. What Connects the Ribs to the Sternum?
    The Clavicles and the Cartilage of the First Seven Pairs of Ribs
  11. What Part of the Ribs Contains Arteries, Veins, and Nerves?
    The lower inside margin of each rib ( Costal Groove)
  12. Where is the Bony Thorax Widest at?
    The lateral margins of the 8th or 9th rib
  13. What Ribs are Considered "True" Ribs?
    1 to 7
  14. What Ribs are Considered "False" Ribs?
    8 to 12
  15. What is the term for the long middle aspect of the sternum?
  16. What is the anterior end of the ribs called?
    Sternal End
  17. Which ribs look more superior on a radiograph?
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