ethics ch 8

  1. what does euthanasia mean?
    from the Greek for "good death"
  2. what is active euthanasia?
    using certain death causing drugsmeans to bring about or cause the death of a person.
  3. what is passive euthansia?
    witholding or withdrawing a certain treatment and letting a patient die.
  4. what is the principle of double effect?
    it is one thing to intend and do something bad as a means to an end, and it is another to do something morally permissible for the purpose of achieving some good while knowing that it also may have a bad secondary effect.
  5. what are ordinary measures?
    measures of treatments with reasonable hope of benefit, or the benefits outweigh the burdens to the patient.
  6. what are extreordinary measures?
    measures or treatments with no reasonable hope of benefit, or or the burden outweighs the the benefits to the patient.
  7. what is voluntary euthanasia?
    the person whose life is at issue knowingly and freely decides what shall be done.
  8. What is nonvoluntary euthanasia?
    persons other than the one whose life is at issue decide what shall be done.
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