DEN 101

  1. What is the reception room?
    The area the patient initially enters and therefore gives the first impression of the office.
  2. Why should the sterilizing room have good air circulation?
    To protect everyone from the chemical fumes and exhaust from the sterilizers.
  3. What is another name for an operatory?
    Dental treatment room
  4. Reclined position with the nose and knees on the same plane.
    Supine positon
  5. What are the three basic modes of delivery for the dental unit?
    • Rear delivery system
    • Side delivery system
    • Front delivery system
  6. What does the assistant's cart usually have?
    • Air-water syringe
    • Saliva Ejector
    • HVE
  7. What is the operator's cart usually set up with?
    • Two or three handpieces
    • Air-water syringe
  8. Define Front delivery system.
    It's designed so that it can be pulled over the patient's chest and is between the dentist and the assistant.
  9. Reclined position with the head lower than the feet.
    Subsupine position
  10. Most dental units are what??
    Rear delivery system
  11. Type of dental unit
    The unit is mounted to a movable arm or mobile cart.
    Side delivery system
  12. What is used during prophylaxis and periodontal procedures?
    Ultrasonic Scaler
  13. There is a small trap in the __________ ____________ that must be cleaned routinely.
    saliva ejector
  14. What is the lower region of the back called?
    The lumbar region
  15. Name the five ergonomic characteristics of the operator's stool.
    • Adjustable height
    • Adjustable back rest
    • Comfortable seat
    • Mobility
    • Broad base
  16. Name the seven ergonomic characteristics that a dental assistant's stool must have.
    • Adjustable height
    • Adjustable back rest/Extended arm
    • Comfortable seat
    • Mobility
    • Broad base
    • Foot rest
    • East to adjust
  17. What do light curing units consist of?
    • Tungsten Halogen
    • Argon Laser
    • Plasma arc (PAC)
    • Light emitting diode (LED)
  18. It is important to do what with the halogen curing light?
    Do not turn off the unit until the fan has stopped
  19. The activity around the patient's mouth is divided into four activity zones. What are they?
    • Operating Zone
    • Assisting Zone
    • Static Zone
    • Transfer Zone
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