ch 8 embryo

  1. Muscle tissue are cells that are what?
    capable of contraction
  2. What are the three types of muscle?
    • skeletal muscle
    • smooth muscle
    • cardiac muscle
  3. Skeletal muscle is __________ muscles controlled by the ________ nervous system. (striations)
    • voluntary
    • somatic
  4. Smooth muscle is __________ muscle controlled by the ___________ nervous system
    • involuntary
    • autonomic
  5. Cardiac muscle is _________ muscles controlled by the ___________ nervous system and are interconnected to cause ___________ contraction (heart beat)
    • involuntary
    • autonomic
    • synchronized
  6. What are the five parts of nervous tissue?
    • neuron
    • nerve
    • synaps
    • afferent
    • efferent
  7. What is a neuron?
    the functional cellular component of the nervous system
  8. What is a nerve?
    a bundle of neurons
  9. What is a synapse?
    junction between the two neurons where impulses are transmitted
  10. What does afferent mean?
    sensory nerve that carries info to the brain (i.e. hurt knee)
  11. What does efferent mean?
    motor nerve that carries commands from the brain to the body (i.e. waving goodbye)
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