World Civ test 2

  1. Mediterranean people we discussed?
  2. Minoans were?
    • Near eastern
    • North African
    • European
  3. Mycenaeans?
    Indo European greeks
  4. Mycenaean culture?
    Like Minoans but more War-like
  5. 2 words talked about the Mycenaeans?
    • Labrys- Double Axe
    • Labyrinth- House/Palace of the double axe.
  6. What happens to the Mycenaeans?
    • They are conquered, absorbed, and pushed out of Greece by the Dorian Greeks.
    • They flee to Ionian and are called Ionian Greeks.
  7. Maritime supremacies?
    Thalosocracies- He who controlled the sea controlled the land.
  8. Acropolis
    • Raised fortified site within a city.
    • Last area to defend.
  9. What age was the minoan/mycenaean period referred to?
    Bronze Age
  10. Crops of the Minoans
    Olives and Grapes
  11. Minoans commercial products?
    Wine, olive oil, and pottery (finest of it's time)
  12. Greek Polis?
  13. Minoan Legend?
    The legend of the Minotaur
  14. Minoans great Palace?
    Palace of Knossos
  15. Where was the palace of Knossos located?
    Island of Crete
  16. Minoan legendary King?
  17. Who discovered the Minoan civilization?
    Sir Arthur Evans 1900-1930
  18. What started Sir arthur Evans to look for Minoan civ?
    3 rings
  19. What is the minoan civilization sometimes referred?
    The connecting/Stepping stone civilization.
  20. Minoan Government
    King, they are traders not warriors.
  21. Minoan Religion
    • Mother Goddesses
    • Believed in afterlife
    • built crypt instead of large tombs to bury dead.
  22. Other things to be familiar with from minoan civilization?
    • women have more freedom
    • Sport-Bull leaping
  23. What did egyptians call the Mediterranean sea?
    The great green sea and they feared it.
  24. What protected the Minoans?
    The Great Green Sea and their commercial fleet.
  25. Minoan language
    • Linear A- No can read
    • Linear B- Can read
  26. The Geography of the greek mainland, and how did it affect settlement patters.
    Peninsula was criss-crossed by mountains which isolated the cities. The best place to settle and have a city is by the water.
  27. Dorian greeks?
    Conquered and destroyed the Mycenean culture.
  28. What was the Greek Dark age? Why?
    • 1150-750
    • Because the only thing to do was survive.
  29. What happened to the greeks that were driven out during the dorian invasion?
    They flee to Ionia and are called Ionian Greeks
  30. Was the Dark ages good or bad for us? Why?
    Good, it made a pure Greek Culture.
  31. What are the writings of Homer?
    Illiad and Odyssey
  32. What are the Illiad and Odyssey about?
    Mans relationship with man, the flaws in human character, and the whims of the Gods
  33. How did homer see the Gods?
    The Gods were like Humans so the 12 Olympians were like us.
  34. What were oracles? What did they look like?
    They were predicters of the future who were elderly women.
  35. The most famous oracle?
    The Oracle of Delphi
  36. When and where were the first olympic games held?
    Olympia in 776BC
  37. how long were the olympic games held from 776BC
    virtually unrestricted for 12 centuries
  38. Why was the trojan war fought?
    • Poem- Hera stealing Helen
    • Historians- Economics
  39. Who discovered the city of Troy?
    Heinrich Sheilman
  40. What did Moses call God?
    • Yaweh
    • El
  41. Who was Abraham?
    The father of the 3 greatest religions.
  42. What was the biggest contribution of the Hebrews
    Ethical Monotheism
  43. Ethical Monotheism
    God is Just
  44. Earliest traces of Hebrews found where?
    Tigres and Euphrates rivers
  45. Who were known as the sea people?
  46. Which group was first to divide their empire into provinces and separate states
    The Assyrians
  47. Where were the phoenecians located?
    Located on the coastline of Syria.
  48. What do we give phoenecians credit for?
    The Alphabet
  49. What items did the phoenecians trade
    Glass and purple dye
  50. What is the Aremeans nation called today?
    What does it mean?
    • Syria
    • Desert land
  51. Arameans oldest city
    Damascus- the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world today
  52. Arameans language for the middle east became what?
    International language
  53. What was the hittite empire famous for?
    Producing iron products on a truelly commercial scale
  54. How did the hittites affect mesopotamian culture?
    The destroyed it. Took 400 yrs to rebuild
  55. What people caused the fall of the Hittites?
    Dorian Greeks
  56. Who founded the Chaldean/Babylonian empire?
  57. Which Chaldean/babylonian was the most famous?
  58. Who was famous for the hanging gardens of babylon?
  59. Who produced iron on a truely commercial scale?
  60. Persian leaders?
    • Cyrus-archamedian Dynasty-
    • Campys-added egypt to empire
    • Darius- loses in marathon
  61. Cyrus belonged to which dynasty?
  62. Who was the persian leader that allowed hebrews to leave?
  63. How was the persian empire set up?
    Satrapies- cultural centers
  64. Where and who were the persians defeated?
    Marathon, darius
  65. Persians most important cultural contribution?
    • Zorrasteranism religion
    • Persian Philosopher Zorraster
  66. Who are the Persians?
    Iranians (iran)
  67. Zeus
    Ruler of Gods, known as the Sky Diety
  68. Appolo
    Sun God, God of light, medicine
  69. Ares
    God of war
  70. Poseidon
    God of the Sea
  71. Athena
    Goddess of Wisdom, War
  72. Aphrodite
    Goddess of love and beauty
  73. Hera
    • Queen of the Gods, Zeus' wife
    • Patroness of women and marriage
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