chapter 8 embryo

  1. Epithelium lines the _________ and _________ body surfaces.
    • internal
    • external
  2. TAPSS is the function of the epithelium. What does it mean?
    • Tissue Absorption
    • Protection
    • Secretion
    • Sensory
  3. Epithelium is ________ grouped cells with little or no __________ substance or _______ fluid.
    • closely
    • intercellular
    • tissue
  4. Are there blood vessels in epithelium?
  5. Oxygen and nutrition come from the __________ tissue through __________.
    • connective
    • diffusion
  6. What is the Rapid Turnover Time? What does it have everything to do with?
    • How quickly the cells can replace themselves.
    • Periodontal disease
  7. Epithelial cells reproduce by _______ so they can grow back quickly.
  8. What are the three classifications of layers?
    • simple epithelium
    • stratified epithelium
    • pseudostratified epithelium
  9. What is simple epithelium?
    Only ONE layer of cells above the basement membrane
  10. What is stratified epithelium?
    MULTIPLE layers above the basement membrane
  11. What is pseudostratified epithelium?
    Cells look like multiple layers because they are different heights, but each one contacts the basement membrane.
  12. What are the three shapes of cells?
    • Squamous
    • Cuboidal
    • Columnar
  13. Squamous cells are __________ _____-like cells called "________". Cell height is ____ than cell width.
    • flattened
    • plate
    • squames
    • less than
  14. Cuboidal cells are ____-shaped with a cell height _____ to cell width.
    • cube
    • equal
  15. Columnar cells are _________ or tall. The cell height is ____ cell width
    • rectangular
    • greater than
  16. Keratin is a tough, ______, waterproof ______ that blocks bacteria and is resistant to _______.
    • fibrous
    • protein
    • friction
  17. What does it mean when a tissue is keratinized?
    The tissue always produces keratin because it is in place of heavy use.
  18. What is non-keratinized?
    The tissue usually doesn't produce keratin unless it is put under extra stress and needs the protection. It then becomes hyperkeritinized.
  19. Location of simple squamous epithelium:
    Lines BV's, lymph vessels, and heart.
  20. Location of simple cuboidal epithelium:
    Lines salivary glands ducts
  21. Location of Simple Columnar epithelium (ameloblasts)
    • Lines salivary glands ducts
    • Inner enamel epithelium
  22. Location of Pseudostratified epithelium:
    Lines the upper respiratory tract
  23. Location of stratified squamous epithelium*
    Superficial oral mucosa
  24. Location of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium*
    Superficial skin - epidermis
  25. *stratified epithelium is classified by the outermost layer which is almost always _________.
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