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  1. Borrowed Theory
    Theories borrowed or made use of from other disciplines; as nursing began to evolve, theories from other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, etc., were adopted to try to empirically describe , explain or predict nursing phenomena. As nursing theories continue to be developed, nurses are now questioning whether or not these borrowed theories were sufficient or satisfactory in their relation to the nursing phenomena they were used to describe, explain or predict.
  2. Building Blocks
    Basic element or part of nursing informatics such as information science, computer science, cognitive science and nursing science
  3. Clinical Databases
    collection of related patient records stored in a computer system using software that permits a person or program to query the data in order to extract needed patient information
  4. Clinical Practice Guidelines
    informal or formal rules or guiding principles that a healthcare provider uses when determining diagnostic test and treatment strategies for individual patients, in the EHR the are included in a variety of ways such as prompts, pop ups and text messages
  5. Conceptual framework
    Used in research to chart feasible courses of action or to present a desired approach to a study or analysis; framework built from a set of concepts, these concepts are related to a proposed or existing system of methods, behaviors, functions, relationships and objects; a relational model; formal way of thinking or conceptualizing about a phenomenon, process, or system under study.
  6. Data
    • Raw fact
    • lacks meaning
  7. Data Mining
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