Film Exam 1

  1. What did Edison invent?
    • phonograph
    • kinetoscope
    • vitagraph
    • vitascope
  2. What is a phonograph?
    records sound and plays back.Image Upload 2
  3. What is a kinetoscope?
    Kinetoscope parlors, setup for individual viewing through the small window on a cabinet.
  4. What is a cinematograph?
    • hand cranked camera
    • -films
    • -projects
    • -develops
  5. What is a vitagraph?
    portable camera invented by Edison
  6. What is a vitascope?
    early film projector
  7. DW Griffith
    • -The Great Train Robbery
    • -A Corner in Wheat
    • -An Unseen Enemy
    • -Birth of a Nation (racism)

    • -depth filming, cross-cutting
    • -master scene technique (shooting one scene in multiple depths)
    • -interior and exterior shots
  8. Georges Melies
    • A Trip to the Moon
    • -magician/trick films
    • -very theatrical with sets and costumes
    • -introduced fantasy worlds
    • -scifi, imagination
    • -full frame shots
  9. Lillian Gish
    -ice glaciers/waterfall actress
  10. Fairbanks
    ALL AMERICAN actor, honest, clean shaven, altered womens view on american men
  11. Buster Keaton
    • mechanical comedy
    • -brick wall falling scene
    • -Hotel water scene
    • -improv Indian scene
  12. Matt Sennett
    comedy actor and got chaplin his start
  13. Fatty Arbuckle
    murder scandal, ended his career
  14. valentino
    latin lover
  15. DeMille
    • director of horror films
    • -Dracula
    • -psychological thrillers
    • -Phantom of the Opera
  16. Lugosi, Chenery, Karloff
    horror stars

    • Cheney-phantom
    • Karloff- frankenstein, werewolf man
  17. theta bara
    first female hollywood sex symbol
  18. first sound movie
    The Jazz Singer 1927
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