Windows 7 exam 70-680

  1. To view processes that currently generate network activity?
    Resource Monitor then Network Tab
  2. To run BitLocker without a TPM chip?
    Configure "require additional authentication at startup"
  3. To allow all clients to cache files on shared folders if round trip latency is too high?
    Configure "Transparent Caching"
  4. To determine if a particular software update is missing from Windows 7?
    MBSA - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
  5. To boot from VHD?
    Run "bcdedit.exe" and modify windows boot manager
  6. To establish DirectAccess connection on an already configured intrastructure?
    Install a valid computer certificate
  7. To load network adapter device driver dynamically?
    Use "drvload.exe"
  8. How many bits is IPV6?
    128 bits
  9. How many bits is IPV4?
    32 bits
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Windows 7 exam 70-680
Windows 7 exam 70-680