IV Therapy

  1. A client was admitted 3 days ago and had an IV started. To meet the standard of care the nurse should:
    • 1. Hang a new bag of IVF
    • 2. Change IV tubing
    • 3. redress the insertion site
    • 4. Flush the IV with normal saline
  2. The nurse is monitoring a client's IV site. What signs/symptoms would indicate phlebitis?
    • 1. Edema
    • 2. Pain
    • 3. Pallor and coolness
    • 4. decreased sensation distal to IV site
    • 5. redness and warmth
  3. Safety- Risk for injury R/T IV
    Fluid volume overload:
    • symptoms: shortness of breath, crackles, tachycardia. Causes excess workload of the heart.
    • nursing management: slow IV rate, raise HOB, monitor VS, Notify HCP.
  4. Safety- Risk for injury R/T IV
    Insertion site:
    • symptoms: red &/or swollen &/or painful &/or has drainage
    • nursing management: discontinue IV, notify HCP, insert new one if needed
  5. Safety- Risk for injury R/T IV
    • IV fluid into tissues
    • symptoms: swelling, pallor, coolness, pain increases-proportionately to amount of edema, possible decreased flow rate.
    • Nursing management: remove the cath, raise extremity, apply warm moist towel 3-4x's a day, insert new IV if needed
  6. Safety- Risk for injury R/T IV
    • inflam of vein
    • symptoms: pain, edema, erythema, increased skin temp over IV site
    • Nursing management: remove IV, apply warm moist heat, insert new IV if needed
  7. IV Standards
    • observe site every 1-2hrs (hosp policy)
    • IVF should only hang 24hrs
    • tubing can normally hang 3 days (CDC)
    • TPN tubing hangs for 24hrs, chg with new bag
    • site changed every 3 days (CDC)
    • If patient complains of pain, etc, we can change IV site.
  8. Facts related to IV theapy
    • if NPO and have normal renal function will probably receive KCL in IVF
    • if client hasn't voided, need to wait until first void before adding KCl to IVF
    • body doesn't conserve K and if not taking in orally, but excreting normally, will need supplement.
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