SAT Vocab A #5

  1. acclaim
    (n) loud applause; approval (When used as a verb, acclaim means "to applaud; to praise")
  2. admonish
    (v) to advise against something; to warn; to scold gently; to urge strongly
  3. anthropoid
    (adj) resembling humans
  4. bizarre
    (adj) strikingly odd in appearance or style; grotesque
  5. carping
    (adj) complaining, fault finding
  6. emulate
    (v) to try to equal or surpass; to imitate
  7. hierarchy
    (n) organization by rank, class, or grade
  8. judicious
    (adj) wise; careful; showing sound judgement, prudent
  9. plebeian
    (adj) coarse; vulgar (from the Latin name for the lower classes)
  10. polyglot
    (adj) speaking many languages; (n) a mixture of languages; someone who speaks many languages
  11. precocious
    (adj) having or showing much more ability or knowledge than is usual at such a young age; early or prematurely ripe or developed
  12. repugnant
    (adj) disgusting; loathsome; objectionable
  13. tenuous
    (adj) flimsy, weak
  14. thwart
    (v) to oppose directly; to baffle; to block; to frustrate
  15. verbatim
    (adj) word for word; exact quotation
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